Tuesday, August 05, 2008

#17 - Happiness is...

Happiness is...

-Three wonderful children after years and years of infertility
-Being brave enough to quit my job and stay home with my kids
-Enjoying our new yard
-Feeling free now that I have quit my career
-Being broke! :) (Goes with the quitting thing)
-Scrapbooking my kids photos
-Meeting new people in the new area that I live
-Moving forward
-A good friend or two
-Finding a part time job that I actually like (even though it pays more than 3 times less than my last job! :))
-and last but not least loving my kids

It's amazing the way the boys take care of their sister. They are amazingly gentle and kind and they worry when she cries. They sometimes take her toy but always go get her something else. I do worry when they put her pretend lipstick on, but better now than when they are 20. (Although I would love them anyway if that's what they chose) It's amazing everyday to watch them grow and learn new things. One of the boys tries to repeat everything I say. He tries so hard even though it sometimes doesn't come out the way he hoped.

Supper has become more interesting now that they speak some form of English. (Some days it's not the form I understand but we try.) It's funny to sit at the dinner table and see what they have to say. I love it when they tell dad to sit down and eat, or make their funny faces and laugh those great belly laughs! I hope that they will always find happiness.

I hope they always eat their broccoli and other vegetables when they get older!

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At 4:57 a.m., August 08, 2008, Anonymous andbabybmakesthree said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Just catching up on your backstory, but I love this post. :) So simple, but so true! :)



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