Friday, August 15, 2008

#26 - Hot hot hot & Chaos

It's a hot one here today, one of those days were you don't want to move. When I went outside it was an oppressive heat. I reminded me of when I was in Florida years ago. One thing that is nice about here is at least the shady areas are usually a little cooler. I worked in the southern states (Atlanta) many moons ago and it always amazed me that the temperature was the same in the Shade as it was in the sun. (side note, I sure miss Atlanta it was a great place to spend some time.)

One of my boys is not doing well with the heat. It's cry time at our house, poor little fella.


The first 1 1/2 hours of my day:
- got up, phone was ringing, a friend of mine
- got kids up and dressed and bums changed (still on phone, neck sore now! :) )
- second line beeping (I finally gave in and got what I call "CALL RUDE-ING" a few years ago... I can't miss a call you know! :) )
- friends coming over to pick up clothes that were lent to me for the boys but they are now grown out of (still not dressed (jammies) at this point and just getting the kids breakfast). I was expecting them in the afternoon
- friends 2 minutes away, go get dresssed
- baby crying - feed me Mom
- sit for 10 secs, feed baby, boys want yogurt
- door bell rings (crap)
- answer door , boys still want yogurt - baby screaming (feed me mom)
- attempt to ignore kids for a moment (who am I kidding!)
- friends come in, kids start screaming
- show friends house very very quickly, kids really start screaming
- boy escapes from chair, goes to bedroom, accidentally shuts door, starts banging
- cell phone starts ringing, hubby, ignore it
- invite friends to kitchen to finish feeding baby and get yogurt for boys. Boys throw spoons (all still screaming)
- finally get boys to shut-up
- friends say that's nothing their 2 kids can yell louder (they are older, things to look forward to possibly?)
- now I have to feed boys yogurt and screaming baby (I am sure by this point she is thinking "Mom get your big butt over here and give me some damn food I am hungry" :))
- phone rings now, husband again, answer it
- finally kids stop screaming (I breath a sigh of relief)
- friends need boxes of clothes, have to go downstairs to get them. Boys start screaming again, so I have to carry baby and one of them down the stairs.
- friends leave... children stop screaming... mom finally finishes breakfast then collapses in a heap in a chair. LOL

At least I can't say I am bored! :)

After lunch today I went out with the kids to play. The sandbox was the entertainment of choice today. Well baby decided that she was going to try to get in. Picture this a turtle sandbox/pool idea with a raised edge (to keep the sand/water in). The edge is about six inches wide. So anyway baby gets really close to it sitting on her bum, she lifts one leg up and tries to get it in, but her little foot just made it to the top of the side. She is determined she tried a couple of times to hoist herself up with her foot! :) Finally she gave up and just decided to get up on her knees and play with the toys in the sand. She was happy so I just let her play. Boy did she scream when it was time to go in though! They all napped well so it was a good day!

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At 4:53 a.m., August 16, 2008, Anonymous Angie said...

WOW! You sound so busy. I'm exhausted just reading your post!

At 9:46 a.m., August 16, 2008, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

sounds like you had one of my days......


At 9:53 a.m., August 16, 2008, Anonymous Sarah said...

OH my goodness, sounds like an insane morning...Or maybe it is normal with your full house!


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