Wednesday, October 22, 2008

#84 - Yummy!

Well it was a pretty low key day, nasty weather! The wind can sure
howl here!

We took a trip to town today, I wanted to download my email. That
didn't go so well! I guess the weather affects everything around here,
my joints, the internet, etc! LOL

I like to get the kids ortanments for Christmas every year and I found
some cute ones today!

We were invited out for dinner, a cousin of the hubbys made fresh
seafood chowder. It was so good! I don't normally eat stuff like
that, but it smelled sooo good I thought I better try some! Am I ever
glad I decided to be brave as it was amazing! Complete with fresh
lobster, fish and shrimp just plucked from the ocean!

There was a pile of folks there and the kids did really well,
considering how many visitors we usually dont have at home. It was a
great evening.

Only 2 more days before we leave the inlaws. As much as I can't wait
to leave it is also hard, I know that one day when we come back that
the whole family may not be here. I always worry that the next time
we come back it will be for someones funeral. It must be hard for the
hubby to leave.

It makes me feel guilty for wanting to go home so badly! (it always
seems that I end up leaving for home at "that emotional time" of the
month too.... Ugggg! Poor planning on my part!) :)

On another note I think I have an iPhone injury, my pointer/typing
finger is twitching when I am not doing anything!

Things that tick me off
- having to say goodbye
- being so far away from home
- my twitching finger
- feeling guilty

Things that I love
- chocolate cake
- seafood chowder, who knew?
- unexpected hugs
- when the boys want Mom instead of dad when dad is actually available!

Kiddo notes

Baby stood on her own again today, briefly. At supper baby stole
Boy2's water bottle and started drinking out of it. Later on she
cozied up to his plate and was stealing bits of bun when he wasn't
looking. She even managed to crawl up and sit at the picnic table
with the boys. Boy1 was concerned about Boy2's supper so he kept
moving it over, and telling Baby, "no".

Granny was baking today so the boys were telling her where her flour
was and they were helping her count. Now if only they would include
the number 4 when they count to 6!

The boys have started to tell everyone to drive safely now. I guess
they have heard it a few times now! :)

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At 9:39 p.m., October 22, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

So cute, Drive Safely, what little sweethearts. Your kids always make me smile.


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