Tuesday, October 14, 2008

#78 - Is it Friday yet?

It was a good day today, we went to town today. The kids aren't
liking shopping much, they hate walmart! That's about the only place
to go here. It's the smallest walmart I have ever seen!

I did manage, (are you sitting down?) to find a cable for my iPod!
Thank goodness for wallyworld! The kids were none to impressed
though! Waiting for mom to find the one and only cable they had, great
selection!! LOL

After we went and grabbed some lunch at Timmys, we fed the kids in the
van at the only place that I could borrow an Internet connection to
download my email. It wasn't very long but at least I got a little fix!

At nap time I managed to get on the Internet from my phone, I found a
spot in the yard that gets a good enough signal! I finally got to
catch up on some blogs yet, a little commenting but not to much! At
least I got to read!

Holly crap the MIL just came and got the cup the hubby was drinking
out of, it's the cup she takes upstairs at night. Friggin heck ya
have a whole cupboard of them!

THINGS that tick me off
- vacationing without the vacation
- the usual potty thing (I really need to get over it)
- the inlaws and hubby expecting the kids to be quiet when the inlaws
are watching murder she wrote, they are 3 for f's sakes people!
- fricken mole has started digging up our mound, our friend watching
the house let us know

Things that I love
- wine gums
- nice people that actually are bothered to come see us
- cute smiles
- imaginations of little people

Kiddo notes

Boy2 likes to look at the water and is fascinated by boats. He would
love to go out for a ride, it's to bad there isn't anything open here
to take them out.

Boy1 is quite the character these days he likes to annouce
everything! And it all starts with his name!

Baby oh yes baby! She came into the kitchen walking with grannies
help and was just giggling and saying hi then she said bye too, first
time I have heard that. She was just a giggling! I feel like Baby has
grown 6 months in the last week . Holly crap!

And yes I am getting your comments as they are bounced to email!
Thanks for asking!

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At 8:01 p.m., October 14, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Great "Love List" today, little people's imaginations are The BEST! Yeah for an internet connection. What is it with older people in their reruns? My mom yelled at my 10 y/o to turn off the Olympic Opening ceremony this summer and change the channel to the three hundred rerun of "Law and F'ing Order". I will never, ever be that cranky w/my grandchildren if I am lucky enough to be blessed with them.


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