Friday, October 31, 2008

#89 - Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.  I am glad to see the weekend here as it has been a challenging week with the kids.  Although I am not thrilled that I have to work Saturday and Sunday at Job1, I have stuff I have to do I don't have time to work! :)  Not to mention that the Twins club Garage sale is Saturday and I wanted to go, I forgot to take the day off!  I am still getting used to this changing schedule thing, I am programmed to the 5 day work week from 17 years of the full time work.  Some day I will remember to take time off when I need it! :)

I managed to get the rest of my Halloween decorations up (well at least the ones I was planning on putting up anyway!).  I did manage to get some more things setup on my computer, and I had a visitor today. 

- not enough hours in the day
- Halloween costumes that say 4T on them but are more like size 2T  Uggg!
- working both weekend days

- my little trick or treaters
- help from my visitor
- carving pumpkins with the kids

The boys were dressed up as Lions for Halloween.  The costumes were a little short in the length so it was almost impossible to get the Lion heads on them, I did manage to bribe them with a treat to get a picture! :)  (Then Boy1 thought they should get a treat after every picture.  FAT chance kiddo, I take way to many photos!)

Boy1 was not to happy, so I tried to take part of the costume apart to give him a little more room.  If my boys have fertility problems when they grow up it's going to be my fault.  Boy 1 is in the 'testing' phase he was rotten for me today.  I think he is trying to see how much he can get away with.

Boy2 is just plain grumpy, hopefully he will adjust to the new routine soon.  He did like trick or treating though and there was no crying (unlike last year!), so I was happy with that!

Then there is Baby, the Fairy princess, complete with wings.  She just scoots around with her 'whatever' face on.  She was trying to grab her wings though as they would rub her ears every now and again.

We stopped at a few places trick or treating, one was near our old house so we went there, man I miss that place!  I am so disappointed that the kids costumes were a little small though, as they looked so cute with the hat/lion head on!

I did manage to get their pumpkins carved.  The boys liked to play with the pumpkin guts in a bowl.  Yuck I hate that slimy stuff.  They even helped pick out the seeds so that we could cook them.  Boy1 was much better at the seed removal, he is more detail oriented.  Boy2 liked the slime, so he was picking that out!  Worked really well!

I put those led tea lights in the pumpkins after and put them on the floor the kids really liked to look at them.

It's getting late so I better be off to bed!


At 10:14 a.m., November 01, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I bet your children looked adorable. Happy Halloween! I had to clean out my 10 y/o's pumpkin, he refused to touch the pumpkin "guts".

At 7:12 p.m., November 01, 2008, Anonymous MoMo said...

Happy Halloween! I bet the kids looked adorable!


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