Thursday, October 09, 2008

#73 - Finally found a wireless connection to 'borrow'

So I finally hacked into a Wireless connection!  To bad it's a 1/2 hour away.  Anyway here is the first part of my trip!


Day 1

After supper we decided to keep the kids up and we headed off to the airport at 8:00pm.  Let the Adventure begin!  We arrived at the airport at about 8:30pm and thought sheesh we are a little early (ha ha ha!).  We parked at the airport parking and started to unload bags and crew.  I didn't do bad, only 5 suitcases (2 bags of diapers so it took up a bit of space, didn't really feel like having to stop and get diapers on our way to the inlaws).  Well we got on the shuttle bus and the screaming started.  The shuttle bus lady wanted to hold baby.  That didn't go well. Shuttle bus lady called it, she said "Stay at home mom?  Good for your!".  So we got our little screamers on the bus.  Hubby was loading the luggage, everytime he got off the bus to get another suitcase the screaming got louder!  Then we almost forgot baby's car seat, luckily there was a baby on the bus and I saw the car seat.  Phew!

So off to the airport, dad in tow, screaming stopped.  YEY! Off the bus, shuttle lady wanted to help push stroller, screaming started again.  Mom is thinking OH my this is not going to be a good evening.  Next stop the checkin counter.  We are all sitting in a row - phew! The nice lady checking us in made them airplanes out of the heavy tags (I always end up with those on my luggage! :) ).  I must say Westjet is awesome to fly with.  Then it was off to send the car seat on to the plane.  I had the double and the single stroller, that was interesting.  The boys are a little heavy for one handed steering.  My triple stroller doesn't fold up :( so I couldn't take it with me.  Then it was off to security, I thought that wouldn't go well but it went fairly well.  As per usual they had to go through my baggage, baby food and chocolate I guess?   What a pain, the lady was nice, and one of the security guys was ammusing the boys, and yey they weren't screaming!  Then it was the long walk down to our gate.  The kids were a little off, one of the security guys offered to push one of the strollers, but the kids freak so we were on our own.  Very nice of him though. 

By the time we got to the gate we only had to wait about 20 minutes to board.  Our flight left at 10:55pm.  We got loaded onto the plane and the kids were pretty good, Baby wasn't to great to fly with though! Baby is quite the wiggler, which is not fun when you are stuck in a plane.  Of course the minute we got into the air the guy in front of me reclined his seat.  I never recline my seat when I have a baby behind me as I know how tight it is. (He should have known better as he was flying with two young kids).  Well baby was making his flight comfy I am sure as she was kicking and pushing at the seat.  I would have stopped her if he hadn't of reclined his seat (I am bad!).  Baby got really cranky, she wouldn't go to dad so I got to keep her for the 4 1/2 hours.  Yey! LOL.  I did finally get her to sleep for a couple of hours, but I was so uncomfy all my moving kind of irritated her I think.  She is even grumpy in her sleep, if she couldn't roll onto her side she was pretty grumpy! Wake up, squack, go back to sleep.  The boys weren't into sleeping at all!  UGG!  Finally they managed about an hour.  I was glad to be at our destination as I wanted to get going to the inlaws and hopefully get some rest fairly soon.  We landed at about 3:30am our time, 6:30am local time.

When we landed and let most of the plane go we decided to head out ourselves. The boys almost got to the front of the plane when someone said Hi to them.  Well they freaked out.  Back to mom and dad, Boy2 sat down.  Dad was MAD.  So I had baby, and bag and Boy1, Dad had a bag, the boys bags and Boy2.  The nice flight attendent took my bag and we headed off.  I was bugging the guy that said Hi, he felt bad.  I was just laughing, what else can you do.  Then we loaded the kids up in to the strollers and off we went to get the luggage.  Hubby picked up the luggage and off we went to the rental car place (We got paged for another piece, only to realize hubby had picked a wrong bag... ooops).  The rental car place was supposed to be open, but it wasn't.  We were the first ones there, but the last ones to get helped.  UGG.  We had the kids and the luggage so we were kind of standing off to the side, so everyone budded in front of us.  The poor kids were at the end of their rope.  We just wanted to get to the car and get going as we still had a 3 and 1/2 hour drive ahead of us.  I was a little ticked off, I told the lady our story so she gave us the car seat rentals for free and an extra driver free too.  So needless so say I was a little happier about the wait after that.  The rental car lady couldn't believe everyone budded in front of us.  She felt bad that they were late opening, I guess someone didn't show up.  So off we went to get our car.  Hubby had the cart with 5 bags, a car seat, and two back packs.  I had two strollers and the kids backpacks.  Of we went, well there was construction at the airport, so we had quite a walk.  It was cool, damp and windy, brr.  It was interesting trying to get those strollers moving and keep them in a straight line!  I am not that coordinated I guess! :)  We finally made it to the booth.  Then guess what we had to wait again as they had no car seats at the site for us.  It took about a half an hour, 2 screaming kids and one grumpy husband before we got the seats.  Then we loaded the car, unloaded the car (van actually) and loaded it again.  The folks there were really nice and helped us get all our crap in the van.  I just wanted to get the heck on the road!  I was telling the hubby 'just shove it in, I want to go'.  So finally we got the seats installed, the crap in the kids loaded and off we went!

We stopped at Timmy's (Tim Hortons) and got the kids some bagels for the drive.  The kids had a little nap in the car, but not that long.  Boy1 was starting to cry a bit, we thought it was a constipation issue.  Boy2 said "Boy1 has sore tummy".  We were about an hour from our final destination and Boy1 really started to cry, hubby wondered if we should stop, I said "keep going, he's fine".  No sooner did I say fine and he started to get sick (or "barf" as Boy2 said).  Poor little fella.  So from there to the destination we stopped when ever he cried.  It took until the 4th stop until I figured out to put a bag under his chin.  So he covered his coat, his blanket and his teddy before we got it straightened out.  He finally 'cleaned-out' and he was fine after that.  Thank goodness!

So we arrived.  They didn't cry when we saw the inlaws, Yey!

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  Just trying to get organized and get the kids aclimitized. We had a nap with the kids in the afternoon and were happy to go to bed.

It was hard eating Lunch at what is usually our breakfast and having supper at lunch.  My stomach just doesn't adjust that quickly.

- Rude people
- Red Eye flights and kids
- Waiting 2 1/2 hours to get out of the airport
- Annoying people on the plane (some dude kept getting up, just as a boy was ready to go to sleep, he would get up again.  He was eating gummy fish or something out of a bag.  Take the freaking bag with you dude instead of getting up every 10 mins to get another one!)
- The smell of dog poop on the plane (the people in the row behind me had a dog, it must of crapped, gross)
- not being at home with the comforts of home
- screaming kids (mine :) )

- being at our destination!
- getting all our crap in the van.

To my surprise we actually all got sleep the first night, I suppose the lack of sleep on our travelling day/night was helpful in that department. I feel like an awful mother Baby was sick last night and I didn't get up, I didn't smell it so I didn't think that she had gotten sick.  I am still suffering from the time change and I think it is still affecting Boy2 and Baby.  I am hoping that they adjust soon.  Boy2 is awful whiney and Baby is stuck to mom like she has been glued to me!  We took the kids out today, it was windy and cool.  They enjoyed the walk, but I think they miss all their outdoor toys from home.  I hope they don't get to grumpy while we are here.  We had a visit from one of the hubby's cousins today and got treated to some fiddle music by his daughter.  I love the music here and hope to see her play again.  I am not sure what we are up to tomorrow, hoping to get out for a while, maybe go to town or something?

- being tired
- being in a new time zone
- folks that don't flush, gaaa

- the look in my kids eyes when they discover something new

More barf, Boy2.  So they have all had it now so I guess they are done, I hope they are done!  Boy2 is the projectile barfer, so glad he got Dad and not mom! :)

Today was pretty low key, I think we are all tired.  I am not great with the time change thing so I am sure I will feel like crap until we go home, then another three weeks after I get home.  It drives me crazy that I don't adjust well, the FIL says it's all in my head.  Yup it is, the tiredness is in my head for sure.

Baby is so clingy it is driving me crazy.  She wants to be held all the time, and then she wants down for one second then up again, down, up, down, up, you get the picture.

I was hoping to get out for a while and go to town, but with the barfy kid we thought it would be better to stay at home.  He was fine after the episode though and ate the rest of his breakfast shortly after?  I guess it was just another clean-out thing?

I found out that I don't get charged extra for using the internet on my cell phone, but I haven't been able to get onto blogger.  I hope to get that working soon.

- Projectile Barf
- Getting up 3 hours earlier than normal
- Trying to function away from home
- NO Blogging :(
- 7 people, one bathroom, no shower, tub only
- My inlaws choice of television (did you know that muder she wrote is still on?  Uggg)  I am missing Prison Break and Heroes, yikes

- The feeling of being clean after a bath
- A good nap
- When the kids are good

The boys asked for an apple today, so baby said Apple.  Then Boy2 said Cracker Please so baby said Please.  She says Race Car, Cheese, Apple, Please and Daddy.  What about Mom?

Baby got to check out the moon tonight, she spent the rest of the evening squacking because she wanted the door open so she could look at the moon.  No matter how we tried to distract her, she wanted to see the moon. 

Boy1 had a round sticker that he tore in half so it looked like the moon.  Who knew he was so observant?  The boys were pretty good today.  I was so happy with them, it must be hard for them to be out of their environment.  I really wish they would go to bed good now too!  (Fat chance of that I suppose!)

Here's to surviving another day away from home!



At 1:32 p.m., October 09, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Yeah for pirating a Wifi signal. Wow, you've been busy. I hate adjusting to time zones too, takes me at least a day for every hour of change, Ugh! I'm glad you are getting some sleep and fun family time in.

At 4:56 p.m., October 09, 2008, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

What a long trip to get to your inlaws, you poor thing!

I hope that everyone is feeling better. I know how it is to have everyone get sick, but thankfully we didn't have the vomitting with it.

At 11:55 a.m., October 10, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, dear Silver!


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