Tuesday, October 21, 2008

#83 - Just another day at the inlaws!

It was a cold damp one today, poor boys couldn't get out to run
around. The old folks went to town today. I ended up in bed sick
most of the day. I am feeling better for sleeping though.

This morning I got the what for. The MIL put a towel in the dryer,
while I was loading up the washing machine. Well a while later she
comes in and says "did you take my towel out of the dryer". I said "no
I didn't know I was supposed to". She runs to the dryer "Oh my god,
the power, the power". I am just standing there looking stupid I
guess. She said "you weren't watching the dryer". I said "no, I
thought that's what the timer is for". She went on to tell me I
should be watching the dryer and taking the laundry out Right as soon
as it is dry. Hmm I think I have better things to do with my time than
opening the dryer every 10 minutes!

Things that tuck me off
- doing laundry at the inlaws
- MIL telling my kids to shush during murder she wrote. That just
posses me off to no end!!! We are leaving in a few days you would
think that she would rather spend time with the kids?

Things that I miss from home
- heat, I am freezing here
- my own potty! Yes I am still on that one
- my bed
- Internet!!!
- my own space
- my own food
- being in the 21st century

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At 6:31 p.m., October 21, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I wish I had a time machine to put you in and fast forward to when you arrive home!

At 7:52 p.m., October 21, 2008, Anonymous Rumour Miller said...

Ahhhh, the in laws.

I hope it goes quickly for you.


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