Wednesday, October 08, 2008

#72 - Another vacation day... I think?

Today it was up and going, 5:30 am my time. Yuck. Baby was sleeping
head down, butt in the air. To cute, but can you imagine sleeping like
that as an adult? The boys went out for a walk with dad, when Baby
had her nap I went out with them. After lunch we took the kids out in
the woods where dad had cut some firewood. The boys liked helping
carry wood.

At nap time I spent a couple hours working on job#3, FIL thought I was
playing on the computer. As if without Internet!

Now it's an exciting evening watching; reach for the top (makes me
feel dumb), then jepordy (makes me feel even dumber), then murder she
wrote (I thought that went off the air 10 years ago)*insert banging of
the head here*

Close call, the MIL invited the SIL to stay the weekend with her 4
kids. There is already 7 of us here. Not to mention the SIL comes
from a different planet. The one that is against progress, hello
systems analyst here. Let's just say the less we visit the happier I
am! Maybe I am just anti-social?

THINGS that tick me off
-5:30am mornings
-being cold every night
-crappy tv shows

THINGS that I love
-figuring out a program that isnt working
-dreaming about home
-grannies strawberry shortcake

KIDDO notes
Isabel likes to sit and spin, and usually that's what I tell the
hubby to do when he ticks me off. :). She has been busy learning new
words. Please & apple are her latest.

The boys were really good today. Boy1 is very constipated, we are
hoping it clears up soon. Boy2 still seems to be getting sick as well,
I think it isn't helping that it's either freezing or boiling in the

Still trying to find an internet connection!



At 5:00 p.m., October 08, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Isn't traveling relaxing? More relatives are going to stay at your in laws? Are they crazy? What a minute, I think you answered that already. That should be fun, fun, fun. I hope your MIL can get you an extra blanket or something to keep you warm.

At 5:52 p.m., October 08, 2008, Anonymous sky girl said...

Well at least you're able to check in via your phone! I was surprised to see you updated!

At 9:28 a.m., October 09, 2008, Anonymous MoMo said...

Hi finally catching up...yes having too many people when you are on vacay is not very fun. And I can't imagine not having internet..but at least you can check thru your phone!


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