Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#87 - I should be in bed

What a crazy day!  Our house guest left (more on that later).  Lets just put it this way I was not happy until he left.

I had to go to a meeting with Job #2 this morning and install some changes for Job#3 this afternoon.  Not to mention feeding/dressing/changing kids.  Getting rid of the house guest and purchasing a new computer!  Tomorrow is not looking any better, Rhymes and Story times in the morning and Job #3 in the afternoon.  I really need to go to bed! :)

That reminds me I need to put my laundry in the dryer!  If the kids are going to wear their cute Halloween outfits tomorrow!

- Having to run around
- Having more things to do than time to do it in, can someone tell me where the last year went please?
- The bill for my new computer!
- My mastercard bill! :)
- The house guest (I feel like a house for wayward souls!)

- My new computer
- My house to our family only FINALLY

Baby was standing on her own yesterday, I thought she may walk today, but not quite yet.  She gets all giddy and excited.  It looks so funny she has her legs so far apart.  I remember the boys doing the same thing when they started walking.

Boy1 has decided to be shy.  We had visitors tonight and he hid in the kitchen most of their visit?  I went and got him and put held him on my knee for a while.

Boy2 is totally freaked when either his father or I leave the room/house.  God forbid either one of us go out for a while.  I wish he didn't have such anxiety, I feel bad for the little fella.

Anyway more stuff to do before bed.  I have some more interesting stuff to post about our vacation and house guest that I hope to get to in the next couple of days!



At 7:55 a.m., October 29, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Your little girl is growing so fast. I hope you get some rest soon. You make me feel like such a slacker w/two boys and only one parttime job, Yikes!!!

At 11:26 a.m., October 29, 2008, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

First steps are coming soon, get that camera ready!


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