Monday, October 13, 2008

#77 - Monday monday

Just another day at the inlaws. It was a cooler day today, the inlaws
went to a funeral today. I managed to work for a while today, I
almost forgot to put the chicken in the oven for supper! Wouldn't I
have been popular! I get pretty wrapped up when I am working.

THINGS that tick me off
- no dishwasher! WTF, dishes and pots and pans for seven. I hate
doing effing dishes. I am on vacation right?
- ok so the no flushiing by the inlaws is still grossing me out.
Sorry I think I have beat this one to death! Today took the cake, I
almost barfed, add some effing lung butter to the unflushed potty.
Uggggg. Sorry I just had to get that out, the memory made me throw up
a little! If you are so concerned about water usage try buying a low
flush toilet, probably a little more sanitary!
- working harder on my vacation than at home

Things that I love
- when baby says please
- silly things the boys do
- watching the boys play outside and making their own fun

KIDDO notes

Baby starting climbing up the stairs today. She was eating an apple
and didnt realize that she was standing without holding on to
anything. She stood for about 5 seconds. Not my little baby anymore :

Boy2 was right moody today, I am not entirely sure what is up with
him. Tired maybe? Time change? I don't know, he's got all his teeth
so it can't be that. Maybe it's the no flushing thing... LOL

Boy1, well I don't think this kid needs any sleep. He is like his
father, and when they were babies we thought they would be the
opposite. I felt kind of bad for boy1 tonight, he was asking for
water, saying please and everything. Well murder she wrote was on and
he was told to be quiet. Poor little guy. I was working but I got up
to get him some water. (I can't believe they are supposed to be quiet
when that stupid show is on, they are 3 for frigs sakes!)

Well when I went to get water I went out to the porch to grab the
bottle, boy1 is looking at me like I am crazy. He says "no mom water
fridge, silly mom". I guess I was supposed to give him water from the
container in the fridge. (The water here is all from a small brook
that runs by the house, it's not fit to drink.)

The boys have been eating a lot of apples lately all morning that's
all they do, and still we are dealing with constipation. Go figure?

2 more weeks but who's counting?

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At 2:39 p.m., October 14, 2008, Anonymous Danifred said...

Okay, let's review- no flushing, no dishwasher, no internet, no turkey on T-giving. I think you might need to bee line it home :)


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