Thursday, June 18, 2009

#266-Are you kidding me?

I am so ready to throttle the hubby. We have 24 people coming over on the weekend and the house has been in need of cleaning for some time. (I guess my jobs aren't full time so I am the only one available to dust and clean?) Well I have been busting my butt this week trying to get the entire house cleaned (and it's a deep clean this time). I also needed to find my phone and clean the kids toys.

I have found the phone (which of course led me to more work, it was in the couch cushions. When I took the cushions out of the couch I was horrified at the stuff in there. YUCK! Considering we never eat in the living room there are some weird things in there! Raisins, rice crispies, parts off of xmas gifts (apparently I need to de-cushion a little more frequently) So of course then I had to take all the cushions off and do the vacuum thing. Can you imagine how horrified the MIL would be if she dropped something and had to go digging. Sadly there was no money in the couch though. :( I have decided that Hair is going to take over the earth once humans are gone. The bits of hair under there was crazy and I am usually in my chair so how does my hair get over and under there? I know it's mine as I am the only one is this house with really dark, almost black, hair.

I never did get the living room finished... gee i wonder why?

So anyway back to the house cleaning. My hubby is so freaking busy doing the basement bathroom he couldn't even lift a finger to help get ready for the guests. His parents aren't here for a while and I told him I have Sunday off so he could have done it then!

So now I have a house finish cleaning and he will be too busy tomorrow because he has to mow the lawn. I suppose I would just be annoyed as he doesn't clean the way I want it cleaned anyway.

Off to bed it's late and I am tired! :)

Good Night

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At 5:25 a.m., June 19, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Good luck getting all the cleaning done.

At 7:23 a.m., June 19, 2009, Anonymous sky girl said...

They're all the same.

At 10:02 a.m., June 19, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I send my best for you to finish your housecleaning.

At 1:18 p.m., June 19, 2009, Anonymous Momma Val said...

I'd trade dusting for mowing any day. Fresh air, exercise, sun and time to myself. I hate dusting. Oh, and don't feel bad about the filthy couch, ours is cleaned thoroughly once a month and is still nasty and full of yuck! Happy housecleaning :)


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