Monday, June 01, 2009

#253 - A organizing I will go!

Yipee the spare bedroom is almost cleaned out, the garage sale 'crap' is almost out of the bathroom! Next job hubby is to put in a new toilet and put a sink in as well. Wohoo! Even better we can now get into the bathroom to flush the toilet as the water was getting disgusting! Well I thought it was the toilet but it turns out it was from the sink drain (there is no sink just the drain and there was no water in the pipe so yucky stink was filling the basement! That's gotta be healthy! Well hubby fixed it tonight!)

It looks as though my mother may actually come and look after my kids while I work tomorrow! I left a big mess in the basement (mostly empty boxes!) and I made it so she couldn't see into the spare bedroom, the bathroom or the storage room. She keeps asking me if I am done yet? WTF? The shelves weren't even in the storage room and she was wondering if I had everything in there yet. Needless to say I was a little bad today and made sure that she couldn't see what I have done. She is so bloody nosy it drives me crazy. Then she was on my about the garage sale we are going to have. I said we aren't going to be ready for June so I am going to wait until late August. She said they have plans to go camping so it doesn't work for her, so I said what weekend and I will plan around her. Of course she couldn't answer because she is lying again! Then she said that she needed my course schedule for the fall semester. She said she can't help as they are going away in September (first it was for their anniversary, then it was for a week, now it's for three weeks apparently). I have 3 classes in Sept so I am sure she will make sure she is gone for the entire time. Most people would want my schedule to work around it, she only wants it so she doesn't have to come and watch the kids. Did I mention they NEVER take their holidays in September!

I am still trying to find part time care for the kids, it is not going well. Anything not to ever have to ask her to help out!

Well I am tired tonight so I better be off to bed so I am awake for my class tomorrow!

- my mother!
- cold sores (i haven't had one in about 7 years! Ugg)
- early mornings
- my mother! LOL

- Getting my basement closer to being cleaned up & somewhat livable!
- Getting closer to not having to move things from one room to another then back again!

Well the monkeys were really good today! Boy1 was playing with the vacuum in the basement so I said he might as well turn it on. He did the entire floor and he did a great job too! I am going to have to let him 'play' with the one upstairs too. Maybe if I get both my vacuums going the kids will have this place spic and span! LOL

I dug one of my old 'toys' out for Baby today. It's my old 'walking' doll from when I was young. Baby had a great time with it, although I think she was a little freaked out by a Doll that was her size. Boy1 took a liking to her as her eyes shut when she is laying down and they open when she is sitting up. Boy1 was busy playing with Baby and the Doll on the bunk bed that was hiding in the back of our spare room. (I found the floor in the spare room and the kids liked the bunk beds in there!) Boy2 was busy between checking out the TV and what everyone else was doing. I found some old toys that were from my grandparents house and I gave them to Boy2 while Boy1 was playing with his sister.

Boy1 had fun with them for quite a while before Boy2 decided to enter the picture. They were really good though, no fighting over any of the 'new' toys! I was happy!

I spent the afternoon building 'stuff' with the 'new' toys I dug out! The kids had a blast! (So did mom!)

(potty training still sucks! :) )

Good Night

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At 5:52 a.m., June 02, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Good luck finding the child care you need.

I am so impressed with the clean up you are doing.

At 8:18 a.m., June 02, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I would so love to spend time organizing, I am totally jealous!!
Your mom is so clueless, if it wasn't such a burden on you, it would Almost be funny.

At 9:21 p.m., June 02, 2009, Anonymous ddtko said...

My son would realize too quickly that vacuuming was work and walk away leaving the dumb thing running and burn out a belt (bless his lazy heart). Lucky you!


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