Tuesday, June 02, 2009

#254 - OMG write this one down!

Well my mother FINALLY showed up to look after the kids while I taught today. I was sure she would call in 'sick' about 9pm last night. For once I am actually surprised by what she actually did, show up when she said she would! :) She was more miserable than a dude who just cut off his 'member' when she arrived in the morning. I think she does it on purpose just to TRY to ruin my day. I said good morning twice before she decided to acknowledge me? WTF? Well anyway I didn't let her get to me and I just headed off to work.

Oh my dear Martha I would like to thank you for your last comment (and everyone else too! :) ) something you said has really made me think. "Your mom is so clueless, if it wasn't such a burden on you, it would Almost be funny." Well let me tell you she is definitely out there on the ridiculous side so I am going to spend my time trying to see the funny side of the things she does. This way at least I will get a laugh or two and not so stressed over the stupid crap she pulls! Humor, I like it!!! So tomorrow when she gives me the nasty sneer I am going to think about Scary Movie or maybe Night Mare on Elm street, when Freddy was getting a sense of humor! :) Hmm... she actually looks kind of like Freddy come to think of it... but a lot fatter! :) OK I am just evil tonight! :)

We got a call that the inlaws are coming to visit in July. This means my hubby has to get his skinny butt in business and get the bathroom finished downstairs and I need to get my fat arce going and get this place at least presentable! I am looking forward to the visit I find it much easier to be in our own space instead of invading theirs. It usually takes me about a week to adjust to their invasion, it always seems that when I am getting used to them they leave. I will finish my last course for the term on the Monday before they arrive. I am glad there isn't much prep involved as I will have to clean the weekend before they come. Well at least beat the big huge dust bunnies back into their corners! :)

I am halfway done my latest class, that means a total of 5 more working days this term. (Man when you put it that way it sure doesn't seem like much work now does it!). I am really enjoying this class, I have a really great group and I have had a bunch of folks that have really been happy about some things that they have learned. They think I am great??? (Hmmm OK I have the fooled! :) )

- people who cut me off in rush hour then slow down. THEN they proceed to SPEED through a construction zone! I speed from time to time but I believe that we should all SLOW down in a construction zone. Those are brothers, father's, sons, daughters, etc working out there, if you can't wait 5 extra seconds to get to where you are going you SHOULD HAVE LEFT EARLIER! OK I am done with my RANT now (road rage much?)
- Frost in JUNE... there was freaking frost on my windshield this morning? What the heck is up with that! (Yes I realize that I live in Canada, but contrary to popular belief we don't ALL live in IGLOOS. While we are on the show issue, NO I DO not have CHAINS for my tires either! LOL)

- little smiles
- little hugs
- my new Airport wireless modem arrived in the mail today! I got in on sale for a good deal. I plugged it in and hooked it up (and turned off the wireless on the crappy gateway that I have) and woollllaaa it was working. NOTHING PC ever works for me the first time! I am MC loving my MAC stuff! (My only issue was I was assigned a new IP address which of course mucked up my server. But I was able to fix it fairly quicly! :) ) I am also happy to report I have not dropped my wireless connection once since I hooked it up! (I am not even talking about the issues I had with my gateway that I had... the gateway is a Modem/router/wireless router that was provided by my ISP in case you were wondering. Only problem is it is a piece of crap and the wireless never worked properly. So I solved my problem by getting a new wireless router!) So to make my very long story very short. I am happy that I have functioning wireless NOW!!!

The kids were sooo tired today that BOY1 fell asleep in the chair before supper. Baby and Boy2 greeted me at the door when I got home, but no Boy1. I guess he was to tired after being outside with Dad this afternoon! It sure makes it easy to get them to go to bed when they are so tired. It's nice now that they are a bit older they don't go into the MELTDOWN mode like they used to. They do get crabby, but not as much noise is involved.

I sure do miss the little creatures when I am at work!

Good night!

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At 5:54 a.m., June 03, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

I love that you are looking for the humor with the mom situation.

Good luck getting everythign done in time for the in-laws' visit.

At 10:49 a.m., June 03, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

Sometimes the only thing we can do is laugh at the idiotic moments are moms pull. No reason we should be miserable because of them, right?


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