Tuesday, June 09, 2009

#260 - More cleaning up!

Today was another busy day... with some cleaning and organizing to go with it! We finally found something that would work in the bathroom and guess what 1 of the cabinets has been discontinued! Buuuut I think I found another solution! Thank goodness for internet shopping.

I have some new cabinets in my scrapbooking area so now I can get my tables all cleaned up! I am all about keeping the mess behind closed doors (notice I said the mess... it doesn't have to be neat if you can't see it, right?) :)

- discontinued items on the IKEA website... arrrg!
- potty training!
- kids that get up at 2:34am, when you went to bed at 1am!
- frost warnings in June (are you freaking kidding me?)

- hubby in a really good mood...

The kids have been so good lately when we have been trying to get work done that I wanted to spend some quality time with them today. We spent the morning with the playdoh. I think I am a bad mom though as I have this thing about mixing colours so they only get to play with one colour at a time. I do let them switch whenever they want. (I was a little annoyed when I took all the stuff out, grandma had it out last, what a mess! I never leave the stuff like that, I guess I am just too anal)

I was amazed that Baby sat and played as long as the boys did. She had one minor, throw the playdoh meltdown but that was it. (Brings me back to the day of the boys playdoh meltdown... can you say MESSY?) They were busy for almost 2 hours. Who knew they had such long attention spans (well Boy1 does when he is vacuuming?)

I told my mother that my cousin was coming to watch the kids for a while on Saturday so we could get some stuff done around the house before the inlaws come. Well guess what apparently MOM was coming out on Saturday to help out (5 seconds before in the same conversation she thought I worked Saturday). Ok she must think I am pretty stupid if I can't figure that one out. What a line of B.S!

The kids were pretty good again today, now if only I could get that BOY 1 back on the potty... *sigh*

Good Night



At 8:22 a.m., June 10, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Internet shopping has saved my life many times.

At 9:24 a.m., June 10, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Do you have a shovel for your mom's b.s.? It's like out of a soap opera. Umm, you won't let your kids mix playdough colors, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!! You are so cute! I did and it all turns like this grayish blue.

At 3:57 p.m., June 10, 2009, Anonymous Momma Val said...

Yeah, my MIL is so full of crap too. I hear ya. My mom is pretty good though and thank God for that cause my MIL and her 'partner' have enough BS too spread around for the whole family's worth. I am anal too, no playdoh here yet. Perhaps I should make the investment. My mom let my son use the watercolors at her place and she was going nuts cause he kept dabbing water and all the colors together. Ha! I cannot relate to the discontinued items at IKEA BUT, they discontinued the only store bought potato salad I liked at the grocery store deli. ARGHH!!! So wanting good potato salad and being pregnant, I made my own :) Damn, I'm picky. LOL


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