Thursday, June 04, 2009

#256 - Oh brother!

Well today was interesting to say the least (hmm... never short of topics to blog about I suppose! :) )

- My friend with the Kidney's that are failing spent the evening 'drunk' dialing and/or texting me. Great! First of all I gave him sh*t as he isn't supposed to be drinking anyway. It also drives me crazy that he talks way to much 'smack' when he has been drinking. I tried to be very careful in my words as he is really having issues dealing with this whole Kidney failure thing. I felt like I was walking on broken glass (hey wasn't there a song about that! 80's rock! Boy do I get side tracked easily). He has an appointment tomorrow so I am anxious to see how that goes. I asked him if he needed someone to go with him, but he said he was OK. I sure hope that's the last time I ever have to talk to the guy when he's on 'booze'!

- Oh yes the whole work thing. Three of us planned a meeting with the owner of the store that we work at. We planned to meet her off site (so as not to start the gossip train). There are some issues but we were very careful to be 'politically' correct. No blame etc (years of working with clients in the consulting industry has done well to teach me how to Dr. Phil the important conversations! LOL). Well later this evening one of the gals that works there and met with us phoned to let me know that the owner had apparently told one of the other (entitlement generation) staff. Who of course told someone else... you get the picture. So much for trying not to cause trouble. I seem to always get the brunt of all the crap around there from the 'other' staff so if this causes any issues I think it will push me to the 'get the eff out of there I don't need this crap' phase of this job. I don't work there to make money that's for sure so if it's going to become an annoying place to work I am sure as heck heading for the door! (I probably should quit anyway since I seem to have way to much to do anyway... but generally speaking I do like it there) In the mean time poor hubby had to take all three kids to the hairdresser. (yes my hubby can be the biggest arce out there but he is truly amazing too! I sure as heck wouldn't have attempted that one!)

- oh yes I also managed to 'break my wireless' network today, which cause a change to my ip address, which messed up my server! Fricking heck! Anyway I have it all setup now so I am not going to eff with it anymore! :) Still loving my Apple wireless router... it's awesome! (It's the idiot user that causes to many issues!) But not all was lost I did learn a few things today. Why is it one has to totally frig something up to learn something really good??? :)

- feeling like crap. I was trying to get some stuff cleaned up in the basement today and I started to get weak and thought I was going to throw up. Yuck! I am not sure why when I teach I get so freaking exhausted? In addition my little breathing issue has come back. It comes and goes from time to time. They can't seem to figure it out. I actually will be just sitting and all of a sudden I gasp for air? I am pretty sure it just some weird muscle thing, but it is annoying nonetheless. It all started after I had the boys. I have been through so many tests all with no answers. Well it's not really doing anything but being annoying so I try to just ignore it.
- people who can't keep their mouth's shut... see above. As a business owner she should know better!

- hubby telling me that the kids were good when they got their hair cut!

The boys were way overdue for hair cuts! They look sooo much better!

Potty training has returned to it's usual state... poop in pants instead of the potty! friggen heck! What a frustrating bunch! On the good side baby asked to go potty this evening. We sat in there for a while and nothing happened but at least she is trying!

Off to bed I go! Working tomorrow night so I better get some sleep.



At 5:33 a.m., June 05, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Sounds like baby is already at the stage Gabe seems to have stalled out at...ugh...but, good for her.

At 8:50 a.m., June 05, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Gosh, sorry for the gossipy boss. Potty training three kids at once sounds really daunting.


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