Thursday, July 23, 2009

#285 - Misc Meanderings!

Busy busy... I really thought I would manage to slow down for a couple of months this summer! HA HA HA. As I sit here waiting for a routine to run on a work computer! :)

Well I have handed off the application I created to the user and sent an invoice! How exciting! (I really need to charge more! :) or get a life! :) ) HA HA HA! So that is one large thing off my plate. Then I just have to get our database at work straightened out! (What a mess!! Good thing I looooove data and a challenge!) Oh ya and the owner is now planning to go to the lake this weekend instead of hanging around to finish off year end! Oh Brother! Then after I am all done this stuff I have to finish setting up the blog for the store then look into an E commerce solution. Oh yes and get ready for a new course I will be teaching in September! So much for my lazy summer!

Well we got a call from the in-laws the other day. A few days after they got home from our place they woke up to someone trying to get in their front door. (MIL didn't think to call 9-1-1??) They did manage to scare them off but they haven't been sleeping at night. They live out in the boonies so it is kind of worrisome that they are there alone. There are a few neighbours around but not police for miles and miles. My MIL called the police the next morning, they suggested that they get an alarm system. Oh ya that will help! Well hopefully it would be a deterrent anyway. Just glad that the would-be hooligans took off instead of other things that you hear about these days!

- hot weather (wasn't I just complaining about cold weather? A 30 degree temp change is not fun in my books!)
- stupid people at the trailer place (I was looking for an A/C unit for the top). She wouldn't quote me a price without the Make and Model and she would suggest a model for the size of trailer we have... isn't that why you call a parts person to find this sh*t out?)
- stupid bank account... why can't it have more money so we can go buy the trailer we want and WHY do they have to be soooo expensive?
- not sleeping a wink last night?
- forgetting to take my PPD meds for 3 days (well actually trying to wean off of them again). It was BAD very BAD, mix that with PMS, a PITA mother and a grumpy hubby, shall we say MELTDOWN?
- my mother! She was going to come out in the day for the boys birthday (so dad couldn't come out because he was too busy working on their deck and getting ready to go camping). Are you frigging kidding me? Too busy for your grandson's actually birthday?

- sleeping in
- carmel spread
- I am sure there is other stuff but I am to tired to think of it!

Boy1 has reverted to using his pull up for all things bathroom related. (This is driving hubby crazy. I pretty much am just trying to let it happen and promoting it as much as possible. I am sick of stinky poop! I think that kid has something festering in his butt!)

Baby wouldn't go to bed for hubby tonight, she cried and cried and cried and wanted MOM (YEY for MOM!) Hubby just doesn't get the part where you put her down and let her cry for a few minutes if you need too! I am just enjoying her soo much right now. It truly is a great time for learning new things (too bad it has to come with the crabby part of the 2's!)

Boy2, he likes to sleep in, bless his little heart! He is adjusting well to Dad being back at work! Thank goodness, he is such a dad suck!

The kids have all done very well since hubby has been back at work after his 2 weeks vacation. I am thrilled! :)



At 10:39 a.m., July 24, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

You should write a soap opera, Wow, lots going on. Yes, your in laws should totally get an alarm system or big dog, crackheads just want an easy break in.


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