Sunday, July 19, 2009

#282 - What a fun weekend!

Well this weekend if was off to a friends farm. It was HOT... really really hot. Did I mention it was hot? 34 (93.2 F)degrees in the shade. Well when it gets that HOT it usually means nasty storms at night. Boy did we get wind last night. It was so bad that my hubby thinks that if we had been parked the other way the trailer may have been blown over. It was not fun. When it finally passed at about 4 in the morning I finally got some sleep. Other than the nasty night time weather it was a great weekend.

It was a good distraction to get over the fact that the in-laws have gone back home! :)

Hubby was impressed at my lack of crap packed in the trailer! This is a first since we got it back in 01 it seems that we would spend hours un-loading the thing! I enjoyed not having so much clutter and not hauling as much crap. This will be a new trend I think!

- My mother calling with her freaking downer attitude this evening. Haven't talked to the nasty woman since the in-laws have been here and that was sssoooo nice. She called me because of the storm last night. Never asked about the kids, the visit from the hubby's parents etc. She just phoned to talk about HER and the storm at THEIR house. Apparently she was to afraid to go in the house so she was under the awning in her trailer... She's a 'bright' one. I told hubby the next time she calls after a great weekend to tell her I am in bed with a migraine!


Can you say dirt? Oh my what a bunch of dirty kids! They had fun. It was a little hot and Boy2 isn't much for the heat. They did really well with the nasty heat though. I didn't do much at all we just lazed about so it was relaxing!

We were late to bed Saturday night... Baby was so tired she just sat on the bed and then laid there in a little ball of Baby. She was asleep with her Eyes open I think. She was just so cute. I picked her up and she was actually cuddly. I just wanted to curl up with her in bed (I miss those Baby nap days from when she was actually a baby! :) ). I put her in the play pen and not a peep out of her she just went to sleep. My sweet girl! I could just gobble her up right now she is so freaking adorable! :)

The kids did well through the storm. Boy1 woke up and came and joined me in bed (It took a bit of convincing.) Poor Dad was in the smaller bed with the 2 boys! They wanted Dad when the lightening was flashing.

This morning was a bit windy still but we still managed to have breakfast outside. Lunch was inside then we headed home. So now the trailer is unloaded the kids are in bed, we are all clean and I am off to bed!

Good Night



At 8:55 a.m., July 20, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am glad your camping trip was fun. Your mom needs to grow up!!

At 9:07 a.m., July 20, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Glad you had a good camping trip.


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