Sunday, July 05, 2009

#275 - Sunday sunday!

Well it's another busy computer day for me. I am trying to do some stuff for the store I work at in preparation for inventory... the system is a mess and slower than molasses in January! Hours and hours of trying to extract our inventory is just no fun. I am also looking to upgrade our system so that we can actually maintain it... then there is the whole upgrade our computers. There is no rest for the wicked! :)

I haven't done much with the inlaws yet, I think they are just happy to relax, yey! :) I think I am going to take the kids out on Tuesday as the MIL is going out, ightso it will give hubby and his dad some time to do some stuff??? (Hubby is more annoying than the parents.. go figure! :) )

Off I go, hopefully to get some sleep tonight! (I am not sleeping so well these days!)




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