Thursday, July 02, 2009

#273 - Can't sleep crazy day!

Wow it was a busy one!
-finish cleaning house (clean yucky toilet... did I mention that our boys won't stand up... yuck)
-meeting #1 for Job #1
-meeting #2 for Job #2
-arrange for someone to watch the boys while hubby picks up his parents from the airport
-do some more stuff for Job #1 after the in-laws and kiddos are tucked into their beds

Meeting #1 went well and I was beyond surprised to find out I am getting paid my regular consulting rate for the extra work I have been doing... wow, not expected at all. I also got some really nice compliments... and I am in charge of organizing our Inventory taking.

Meeting #2 went well.. there have been some adjustments made to the content of the classes I teach, so I think that will be very helpful!

A friend was available to watch the boys for me today, sweet. Not enough room in the truck for everyone so it worked out great, and granny got some one on one time with Baby!

Days like today make me so glad that I quit my OTHER full time job/career that was sucking the life out of me. I am finally working on the things I love to work on. I am tired and overworked but at least I get time to spend with my kids everyday too! :)

The in-laws are here... it already feels much more comfortable at my house than theirs! :) But I am sure I will have some frustrations! LOL

Good Night!

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