Wednesday, July 22, 2009

#284 - My Opinion - Destination Collection - Febreze Products

PRODUCT:Assorted Febreze Products - New Destinations Collection

TESTING NOTES: Stinky kids in the house and a stinky sink in the basement(couldn't reach the water trap to put more water in it!)!
Hawaiian Aloha™
- The bright tropical scent of hibiscus blooms.
- Available In: Air Effects®, NOTICEables™, Candles
Brazilian Carnaval™
- Lush green acai berry palms energize and inspire.
- Available In: Air Effects, Candles
Moroccan Bazaar™
- Fresh-ground ginger and spice stimulate the senses.
- Available In: Air Effects, NOTICEables

Diapers in a Bag - Air Effects works wonderfully to remove the smell. Just have to watch the about dispensed!
Kitchen - Loved the candles, either burning or just sitting on a warm stove they smelled very nice! Not to strong and they removed the kitchen smells that you don't want to linger around.
Stinky sink - The trap in our basement bathroom sink went dry, we had a load of storage room stuff in the way and couldn't get to it for a few weeks. The Air Effects and the NOTICEables kept the nasty scent at bay until we could fix it! I really like all three scents I think the Moroccan Bazaar was my fav, but it's a hard call as I liked all of them!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Yummy! I am not sure if the Candles or the Plug in air fresheners are my Favorite? Both my candles are done, so I am going to have to pick up a new one next time I am out!



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