Friday, July 10, 2009

My Opinion - PC Free Beef

PRODUCT:PC Free Beef (for my Canadian Friends)

TESTING NOTES: BBQ and some steak!

RESULTS: I was asked to review Presidents Choice Free Beef. This beef is available at Superstore. Hubby BBQ'ed it and it was great. It reminded me of what a great steak tasted like years ago. The Free meat is raised without the use of antibiotics and fed no animal by-products. I did notice that the prices did fluctuate and some times the steak was a little fattier than we like. There is nice cuts available if you are patient though.

I also got to try out the Salt & Pepper grinder with sea salt! I don't use a lot of salt and pepper but I liked this little guy. Grind what you want and put it on your meal. I do like some salt on any meat I eat so this was a lovely addition. My first time trying pepper on my steak and it was very good!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Well worth a try, I think we are going to have to try some of the other 'PC Free' products as the taste is great!



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