Wednesday, July 01, 2009

#272 - Happy Canada Day!

Well it's Canada Day here! A lovely day with some wind and lots of sunshine. I am glad that it was a nice day as we set a record low last night of -1c. Are you kidding me? (And no I do not need the cold air to keep my igloo frozen... we have freezing units here! LOL)

We spent the day in the city (more like town) that we used to live. The kids enjoyed the parade (to bad Grandma and Grandpa found us... considering we did our best to avoid them). And why come and bug us if you are just going to be foul anyway? So after we snuck off to the car show. They had over 200 cars, pretty cool since I planned the very first one years ago!. (I am really glad that I am not involved anymore though! :) )

On our way home we stopped off in a local farmers field to check out the Flying Clubs' display. We caught the tail end of a plane flying around and then we saw a couple of helicopters, very cool! The kids really enjoyed it too, which lead to a meltdown by Boy2 when we left! :)

All in all it was a good day! (I also managed to avoid doing to much cleaning... the house is the way it's going to be when the inlaws get here. Hubby sat down while I busted my a** so I did the minimum I felt like doing and said frig it!) I was not impressed to say the least... I haven't even cleaned the main bathroom yet. Guess he will have to do it or it will stay as it is cause I don't use that one anyway! :)

I think I am a little stressed about the in-laws coming. Hopefully it will all turn out ok. The house isn't as clean as i would like it to be, but I work too Mr. Man, so that's all I am doing!

Next project trying to figure out how to pick up the in-laws. I have a must attend meeting... and we have a vehicle that fits 3 car seats and two adults, and we need room for 3 adults! My mother offered to come out but Hubby went nuts on me when I suggested it, so I guess it will be interesting tomorrow. (LOOOOONG story! :) Goes back to our wedding) Does - We NEED a mini van mean anything to you hubby? LOL

Well you may be in for two interesting weeks of posts.. they arrive tomorrow night!

-Hubby sitting and resting while I am working my fat butt off!
-When I miss a bit on Baby's arm when I am applying the sunscreen and she gets a big pink blotch. :(
-Grumpy Man
-Poop on my bed - Boy1 and potty training no going well! :)
-Pee on my carpet - same day and yup Boy1 again!
-Pee in Boy2's bed - this time it was Boy2 (oops mom forgot the pull-up last night)
-Our weather... a lot of areas have been declared and agricultural emergency around us. It was sad to see farmers fields looking like stubble when we went out today. Usually we live near prime farm land, it scary dry here.

-When you go out to a large function such as Canada Day and everyone is happy and doing their own thing. If only the world wasn't like this every day.

Good Night and Happy Canada Day!


At 8:28 a.m., July 02, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Happy Canada Day!! Sorry for all the potty training accidents and the drought, ugh.
Best Wishes for a great visit with the in laws.


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