Friday, December 26, 2008

#117 - Well it was here an now it is gone!

Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I am glad to have it all over with and finally have a day to enjoy with my kids.

I was looking forward to spending some time with the kiddos and seeing the look in their eyes on Christmas morning, and enjoying Christmas Eve with a wander around our yard.  Then having to spend the obligatory time with the grandparents after the gifts were opened.  Then hoping for a nice quiet dinner at home. 

The grandparents were supposed to arrive later in the morning to give us time with our kids first thing.  But they showed up as we were getting the kids out of bed.  I never even got to see the kids when they came into the room to see their new toys from Santa.  All I got to hear was blabbing from the grandma.  Ugg.   Then the hubby was in a foul mood as he didn't know they were coming for breakfast (I told him a while ago, but I guess he was ignoring me as usual)  We did the gift opening thing, forever it seemed... it was pretty much all gifts from grandma and grandpa, insanely overboard as per usual, then they will be mad as we have to rotate toys as we just don't have room for everything. We opened gifts until almost 1pm... then fed our poor starving kids before nap time.  Boy1 was sufferning from major constipation/screaming which got worse as the day went on. 

Then the grandparents finally left, we got the kids down for a nap.  I cleaned up a bit, had a visit from a good friend (the only person that was really enjoyable other than the kids of course)  Then the husband got even fouler as we had to go out for supper.  I was upset as I enjoy getting out from time to time, and the kids do too.

We got there just in time for supper, Boy1 was feeling worse, the hubby was getting more angry.  I was getting more stressed.  After supper we went downstairs, more gifts for the kids (cause really they needed more!  NOT)  Gee I wonder why kids now a days have no attention span?  Gee I wonder!  Well Boy2 started having more issues, so then hubby is, mumbling "lets get the f*ck out of here".  I heard him and I imagine everyone else around me heard him too. So he went storming upstairs, to pout I suppose? So now I am almost in tears, and the hubby is in a hurry to go (we had only been there for maybe 2 hours at the most).  To top it off on the way out I missed saying goodbye to my b*ch of a cousin.  (She wasn't around so it wasn't like I was trying to ignore her).  Anyway I was halfway upstairs, one of the boys was crying so I was trying to hurry (given hubby's cheery mood).  So she let me have it for not saying goodbye. 

So if I stay home I get the miserable husband, if I go out I get stuck with an even more miserable husband, but at least I have someone else to talk to.  So THIS is Christmas?  WTF!  I think I will stick to celebrating New Years with my kiddo's at least it's only us!  (I do have to do something about the blasted Bug up the hubby's arce though!)

Oh and did I mention the grandparents couldn't even come and see their grandkids or phone them as they were to busy going around playing Santa clause with their friends kids/grandkids.  Then they went over to a friends afterward, they felt bad for them as they were alone... I guess it doesn't matter that we were alone Christmas eve?

I am so very thankful I have my kids, they are what make me smile.  I can't imagine my life without them.  Here's to my sweet children, Merry Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day.  Love Mom


At 8:20 p.m., December 27, 2008, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

Isn't it wonderful when your hubby is in a foul mood? I totally get more stressed when hubby is in a bad mood and then I start getting anxiety trying to get the kiddos all settled.

I hope you have a better New Years then your Xmas.


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