Saturday, December 20, 2008

#115 - What was I thinking???

Well back in February I told a friend that I would help her with her birth announcement for her daughter that was Born January 2008.  So guess what she comes over this week to get me to scan pictures for her daughter's birth announcement (I think everyone knows already?).  Well I should have known better after the whole wedding invitation disaster about 10 or so years ago (I hand made paper for her invites, then she decided she didn't like the paper colour.. even though I had done several samples.  So I ended up having to remake all the paper,  She needed 300 sheets.  I said 300 invites or 300 people as there is a difference due to couples.  Well I made 300 sheets, when she only need 150.  Then I remade them (and she kept the old stuff... and I did all the work and provided all the paper.  She probably threw it out! ARG).

Well I thought the birth announcements were a non-issue given that her daughter is 11 1/2 months old.  So I decided to be nice and made up the announcement for her.  I used 3 photos from her professional sitting when her daugther was about 6 months old, 2 from when she was born and 1 recent one.  I put the title A year of Memories on it.  Then I did a bunch of photoshop stuff to it.  I also did a Christmas card photo for her (that after it was done she decided that she wanted another picture, there was a wicker chair in the background and she decided that she didn't like it, after several chances to pick a photo!  ARG)

I emailed the "birth announcement to her"  she said she loved it, then she called me and said there is too many pictures from one 'stage' so she wanted to change them.  WTF did you say you loved it for then.  The thing that really bugs me is I told her to send me 4 to 5 pics that she wanted on the card.  Guess how many she sent... 54 (that is going to be one cramped 4 * 6 card if you ask me!).  She had the nerve to get annoyed with me as I told her I wasn't sure if I could get to it before Christmas as I had a bunch of my own stuff to do.  (No she is not paying me anything for them... this was supposed to be a quick volunteer thing!) 

Did I mention that this is a gal with one daughter, who is way more tired and busy than I am? (I didn't know it was a competition)  Well girl if you don't have time, then I certainly don't either!! 

NOTE TO SELF, shut my mouth and don't ever offer to do anything for her again! 

I did one for another friend.  Just kind of whipped it up and sent it to her for revisions.  She said it was perfect and I didn't change anything (I felt bad because I didn't spend much time on it!)  Talk about two different people!

I am supposed to call the OTHER friend back about her 'birth announcement' but I am just to freaking mad!  I imagine she probably won't use it anyway!  I showed it to a few of my other friends and they thought it was adorable!

OK enough griping, onto my regularily scheduled program!

I have been busy today making home-made nuts-n-bolts for the family for Christmas (just call me cheap! LOL).  We go to my aunt and uncles for Christmas and my Aunt has 10 grand kids so I make them nuts-n-bolts as they love them and it's much cheaper than buying them all gifts anyway.  They range from about grade 10 to about 22ish, so it's not like they are little anymore.  Given that we 'flushed' most of our cash into our septic system, cheap is good this year! :)  I also made all my cousins 'name frames'.  I stamped a family and decorated it for each of them as well.  They turned out great and were very cost effective (ie cheap) for us to give this year.  The boys even helped me wrap them!  They are all very generous to our kids so I feel as though I need to do something!   I am happy that my nuts-n-bolts are all made and packaged up, now all I have to do is make some fancy tags to put on them!  I am so far ahead of where I am usually I am very happy!  (Usually I do everything Christmas eve!  LOL)  Oh and I almost forgot, I also made them all one page style calendars with a collage of photos of the kids!  I am just outdoing myself this year!  LOL!

We are heading out to a friends for dinner tonight, I can't wait to dress baby up in a little dress my mom got at a garage sale this past summer.  It's all pink and wintery looking!  On that note I better be off to have my shower!

I sure hope this cold weather doesn't last too much longer... -33 (-27.4 F) today and going down to -38 (-36.4 F) by monday night.  Let's hope there is no wind as the wind chill could be brutal!  (My idiot husband is putting Christmas lights out right now, bet he wishes he put them out in November when it was around freezing!  LOL)

- being tired
- my 'can't decide what I want so lets change it 4000 times' friend

- making nuts-n-bolts and NOT screwing them up for a change
- my fire place (stove thingy) that keeps the house nice and warm

The boys and baby helped with the nuts-n-bolts today.  I gave them each a bowl and let them stir up the 'stuff'.  Baby of course just started shoving stuff in her mouth.  I thought she would just stir like the boys.  HA HA!  I gave her some small pretzles, and the minute I wasn't looking she shoved an entire one in her mouth.  I was worried she would choke, but I think she sucked on it until it was soft!  She was drooling out pretzel as it was so big for her mouth... yummy!  (I made sure her bowl of 'stuff' was for her and it wasn't put in with the actual batch.)  I took the rest of the pretzels away and gave her cherioos instead!  Much better idea!  You would think I would be a little smarter than that by now!  ha ha!

Off I go to shower before we go out, I better check on the hubby to make sure he isn't frozen to the xmas decorations first! :)


At 3:58 p.m., December 20, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Yes, what were you thinking about helping this ungrateful person w/her birth announcement? Wow, You are amazing with all your accomplishments and the kids are so cute, cute, cute!!
I'm freezing, not that I will get any sympathy from you, it's about 60 degrees F and sunny now, get down to 36 tonight, BRRR for this thin blooded Californian.

At 7:52 p.m., December 27, 2008, Anonymous andbabybmakesthree said...

Holy cow. Birth announcements when the kid is 11 1/2 months old?! I don't even know what to say about that! Sounds like you've learned not to help out that friend anymore!



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