Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#116 - You better watch out you better not shout....

I guess Santa will be here shortly, do you think he can shove some Christmas cheer up the hubby's arce for me?  So the hubby is off work for 2 weeks as of last Friday, you would think that he would be in a good mood now wouldn't you?  I am ready to get out that sharpie and draw a freaking smile on his face!  ARG!  I guess that's my early Christmas Present, one grumpy hubby coming up!

As for other miscellaneous rantings, not much to report.  I finally got my Christmas letter today that I always wait for.  It's the most depressing grouchy letter every year and I just can't wait to see what the lady has to say!  I do feel a little sorry for her, but not too much, as when you are that miserable to everyone there is a reason they don't come to visit you!  She is an older woman 70ish I guess?  She is probably close to 400 or so lbs and she is GRUMPY.  Her letter basically complains about people not coming to visit her, family included, and there is usually something about her health in there too.  Her husband is a sweet man though and is kept very busy tending to her needs, I am still waiting for her to say something nice about the poor guy.  I guess it's just me but if I didn't have anything nice to say I think I would not send out a Christmas letter.  Oh well at least it gives me something to blog about! :)

I got something in the mail today that wasn't expected.  It is a calendar that the IVF clinic that I go to, I guess that's went to, sent out.  It is in support of their Generations of Hope, a foundation to raise money for people who cannot afford IVF.  The calendar is full of IVF Children and it has interesting facts about infertility for each month.  I am going to hang it proudly on my wall, I just wish it was somewhere where more people would see it!  I was kind of speachless (not that I had anyone to talk to when I opened it as it was at 11pm) when I opened it.  Without IVF I would not be where I am today.... something to think about I guess.

I talked to the annoying friend today, she has one child who is 11 months old.  I asked her if she was done her Christmas shopping.  She said no.  Then I asked if she finished her shopping for her daughter.  She told me she was to tired, she got her a couple books a while ago, that will do.  She is too tired to take her daughter out to go buy her a toy for Christmas.  I was LIVID.  It wouldn't kill her to make a run to walmart or something.  Yes it's cold but this is your baby's first Christmas, the only 1st Christmas she will ever have.  Hey annoying friend YOU CAN NEVER GET THE FIRST CHRISTMAS BACK!!!  I am totally disgusted and it's not like she can't afford anything. It's not like she lives that far away from any store!  She told me she had enough toys anyway!  (Well get her something for when she gets a little older then.)  I am not sure why it made me so mad but it did.  I guess it's because the first christmas with all my kids was so very special.  I didn't even spoil them, but I made sure they each got one toy and a santa sock! OK I need to breathe now, just thinking about it angers me!

Speaking of angers me.  My parents aren't coming to see their grandkids on Christmas Eve.  They are too busy!  WHATEVER!  I get to spend some quality time with my kiddos so that will be nice.  Hopefully Santa will have stuffed that Christmas Spirit up the hubby's arce so we can have a nice day tomorrow!

- grumpy hubby's
- the annoying friend
- still feeling crappy
- cold weather
- stupid drivers

- I am so loving my new tooth brush still... it even winks at me! LOL
- my kids being good for 2 days in a row!
- kisses from baby

Baby is saying thank you now too.  The pardon me thing was craking me up, but thank you is just so cute too! I guess she learned that from her brothers.  She is starting to really get demanding though, I really need to curb the squacking that comes with it though! :)

The kids all got a message from Santa today they just loved it!  Baby was blowing kisses to Santa and the boys were saying Merry Christmas.  It's realy cool as it will say the childs name and you can even upload a photo!  It was quite funny to watch them, watch their message from Santa!

Boy2 is very concerned that we are going to take the presents away.  I wonder if he will be upset after they are all unwrapped? 

Boy1 woke up screaming last night, he had a sore leg.  I am hoping it was nothing and doesn't happen again, after my cousin's daughter going through childhood cancer and my friends little one I think I am a little paranoid.  We asked him today if his leg hurt and he said "no".  I am hoping he may have just had a growing pain or he banged it on the bed or something.  How does a mom stop from worrying in this crazy world?

Good Night and Merry Christmas to all!


At 8:47 a.m., December 24, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful children. Wow, that is a major list of Grumpy people and the Xmas letter sounds like a real treat. I get such a kick out of folks' Xmas letters, it's like an infomercial on how wonderful their life is...
Cool calendar, that's a lovely idea from the IVF clinic. You never stop worrying as a mom, the boys ride their bikes off ramps and "catch air", ack!! A special treat for the kids is to show them Santa's progress on satellite courtesy of North America Air Defenses, http://www.noradsanta.org/en/home.html
Thank you for the gift of your bloggy friendship.


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