Friday, December 19, 2008

#114 - I really need to learn to go to bed!

Well I am exhausted today.  I actually fell asleep for about a half hour while Baby was napping.  The boys were playing downstairs.  They were quite the entire time, and when they woke me up (probably because it was lunch time and they were hungry) I was covered with their blankets.  I think they were worried.  They asked if I was OK and if I was Sick.  Boy2 thought I may have to 'barf'. :)  The moments an infertile can only dream about, waking up to two little faces that are worried about you. :)  Usually it is way to noisy to fall asleep around here! :)   I can't believe they didn't get into anything, they just played quietly. 

Tonight we had a visitor.  We finally got to meet our good friends' new girlfriend.  For some reason I was nervous about this.  I was afraid she may not like us and that could put a damper on the friendship with our buddy.  It went well though, I really like her and I am happy for him as he seems very happy.  The kids loved her too and she liked them.  Kids are usually a very good judge of character so I will go with them! :)  First time meetings are sometimes kind of weird, but this went very well.   Us girls hit it off so I really enjoyed chatting with her, instead of listening to boy talk for a change! :)  (Work and trucks!  LOL)  It was a fun evening!

- feeling crappy, I think I may be getting the stomach flu, great!
that's all I got today folks!

- meeting a new friend
- my kids helping me decorate and organize Christmas presents
- my new tooth brush!  I love my new brush, it's the Oral-B smart something or another.  It comes with a wireless thing that keeps track of how long you brush and if you push to hard.  It has a little happy face when you make it to 2 minutes.  And today I found out that it winks at you! :)  It makes my teeth feel nice an clean too which is a bonus!
- my hubby starting his two weeks of vacation today.  I am soooo sleeping in tomorrow!  (I guess that would be my vacation not his!  LOL)

I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirit now that I am done teaching/taking classes and work has slowed down a bit!  I think the boys helping me but bows on presents today helped too.

Anyway I am looking forward to Santa!  Today Boy2 got up and sat on the chair and said "Boy2 no like Santa"  I am not sure why but he spent about 20 minutes talking about why!!  I wish I could remember the conversation it was hilarious.  I am still not sure why though?  He likes Santa tonight!  HA HA!

Baby was busy dancing up a storm.  She could actually dance before she started walking?  Strange child!  She walked from the living room to her bedroom today.  I can't wait to dress her up in a dress and watch her go!  She is so huggy and kissy right now that I am enjoying every moment.  Hope she stays that way for a while.  When our buddy came over today she was saying his name it was so cute.  She finally said Bye today, she repeats EVERYTHING else but she just won't say Bye.  Until today! 

Good night


At 6:49 a.m., December 20, 2008, Anonymous Dawn's Recipes said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. You summed IVF up quite nicely. Hahaha! :)

And I just have to say, I love the idea of a toothbrush that tells you when you're applying too much pressure! My dentist always tells me I'm an "aggressive brusher".

At 7:53 a.m., December 20, 2008, Anonymous Jen said...

Just want to wish you a merry christmas, hope everyone stays healhy!!

At 10:00 a.m., December 20, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I hope you get lots of rest while hubby is on vacation. That does sound like a cute toothbrush. Mine is boring, vibrates or something when your two minutes is up.
I am starting to get in the holiday spirit thanks to your cute kid stories.


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