Sunday, August 30, 2009

#301 - All work...

All work and no play this weekend. A friend came over to help hubby out with Shed #2 from recycled materials. It has a roof and 3 walls now so it's well on it's way.

I started working on my next round of courses. I start in two weeks so it's waaaay past time to get ready! I managed to get one totally finished (The first one I teach... of course). I also got through about 70% of the second one. I was hoping to get it all done this weekend too but I didn't get it finished. I did start on the 3rd one too so that is a good thing! (This is a start from scratch one so it is going to take me WAYYYY longer!)

Tomorrow I need to make a list of all the things I need to accomplish for all my clients. I am not sure if I want to see the entire list that's for sure!

It was a beautiful weekend so have computer did travel. I found a nice shady spot and there I worked! I re-did all my walkthrough exercises so I am just hoping that I didn't mess anything up. I guess I will find out at my classes. If something is kind of wonky I am pretty good at 'winging it' if I have too! Can you tell I have had to do that a few times? :)

- how fast the weekends are passing
- bugs
- saw dust flying at my computer (a little to close to the construction zone)
- moon sand, that is definately an outdoor activity!

- being able to work at home most of the time

Potty training still sucks and to think I thought I was getting somewhere! :)

The kids had a great weekend playing outside. They were really good, only a little whining so that is awesome! For the most part they actually listened to me, well Baby is a bit of a wanderer so I have to keep one eyeball on her when I am working! (I sooo wish our acreage was fenced, although I suppose I would still be watching them anyway!)

I am so lucky that they usually play so well together and are really good at keeping themselves entertained. It made for a productive weekend! Tomorrow until Dad gets home I am all theirs, then it's back to work again!

I dislike Moon sand immensly. I am so glad that I got a table setup outside then gave the boys the 'stuff' to play with. What a freaking mess, but they sure had fun with it. Boy1 was really into it, Boy2 was just making a big old mess and happy as could be!

The boys also spent some time 'helping' dad. They cleared away all the cut off bits of wood. They loaded them up and took them all to the wood bin and dumped them in the bin. It's nice that they still think helping dad is cool!

Baby counted to 10 tonight, finally she managed to make it all the way without missing the nine! She was so happy she just kept counting and counting!

It was a hot one this weekend, I had some tired kids this evening, Baby was some kind of grumpy. When she finally got her supper into her she was much happier though! I do love it when they go to bed and fall asleep so quickly!

With that I am off to bed and just before midnight too! :)

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At 5:39 a.m., August 31, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

It sounds like a really great and really productive weekend.


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