Tuesday, October 06, 2009

#319 - Well I made it through another crazy weekend!

Well that was nutz! I was at a trade fair on the weekend it was insane. The store owner was not prepared as per usual so it meant for craziness on getting setup and ready for customers. All in all it was pretty fun though. I was a little tired however I think I am all recuperated!

So tonight I am watching TV... I don't remember the last time I watched something other then Treehouse!

Today was a meltdown day for me. I had to clean out some stuff in the basement and I have no where to put it. I do not like this house AT ALL and when I can't organize things so that there is room for everything and I can see everything it drives me insane! I was wandering around the house grunting and muttering under my breath. To top it off the furnace issues we had, even before we moved in, have gotten worse. Of course there is some obscure furnace in our basement that they aren't sure if they can get parts for... so do I bother to call someone in or just forgo the service call and get a new furnace? I really HATE this house. I still miss the old place terribly. I guess going backwards (from a nice newer house to an old yucky house) is not a great thing to do. I will keep that in mind for the next time I move (if ever).

Well I did an outing with 2 of three the other day. They were so good. I had Boy#1 and Baby. I have been trying to get Boy#2 to come out with me alone but there is no way he will leave his Dad. I guess I will keep trying. We even managed to get through Michael's with the two kids, again they were so good! I really enjoy taking them out when they are so good. For some reason having one or two instead of three seems like a vacation.

With that good night...

Forecast for this evening .... snow? What happened to our +34celcius a week ago? :)



At 4:53 a.m., October 07, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Glad you had a good outing with Boy1 and Baby!


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