Saturday, October 24, 2009


The former house pest called hubby today. Apparently he was offered a job that isn't on a bus route, soo he wanted to "rent" one of our cars? Yes this is the same dude that ruined the top of my grandmothers dresser! (not to mention living here for a month rent and food bill free!). Seriuosly dude do ya think we would "rent" out one of our cars? Can you imagine how that woul turn out? ( funny the car was my grandmothers too... Old and ugly, yes, but clean and reliable too. Can you imagine what it would look like if we ever got it back? Not to mention it would be our insurance too.. Ha ha dude you are funny! Oh and since I was at work today hubby had to go meet him with some of his crap that he has stored here. Hubby=gruuuummmpy about that one! Lucky me I had to come home from a crazy day at work to a miserable husband!

(hubby even told house pest about the dresser.... I can't belive he had the balls to ask about the car!)

Well with the people I know at least I always have something to blog about! ;)


I am going to miss the day when there isn't a little creature toddelinfg around here in some fuzzy footed pj's! Baby was running around with her funny little run and I was watching and thinking it won't be long before she is all grown up! I suppose she will always be the baby but I will miss the terrible twos one day!

More bad parenting tips!! Well baby is a little chinsey with the kisses (unless you are a stuffed animal). Well one night she bonked my nose and I said ouch. Well around here we still kiss boo boos goodbye, so Baby decided she should kiss my nose to make it feel better. Now at night I have a boo boo on my cheek so I can sneek those adorable kisses! If you just ask for a kiss you get her absolute favorite word NO, so boo boo it is! (I think she has caught on to us though but she humors us anyway with kisses). The little monster has changed the game now though. We now get dad kiss mom, mom kiss dad, dad kiss moms cheek.... Etc! The she giggles wildly! What a monkey!

Better be off to bed, still feeling sick... Rotten cold!

Good night


At 11:09 a.m., October 25, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Housepest has no clue.
I hope you feel better soon.

At 9:27 a.m., October 28, 2009, Anonymous sky girl said...

Did you tell the house pest, that a little walking never hurt anybody!? What an ass.


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