Thursday, October 08, 2009

#320 - Cleaning

Well apparently my spring cleaning mode has hit me... a little late this year.

I have been foul all week, pretty much just hating my house! (I so miss the old one, but I do love the location so I guess I just have to buck-up and deal with it). I am just frustrated that I have so much less space and with the kids so much more crap! :) It seems like everything is stacked on top of everything. Not to mention that I have been so busy lately that the house has gotten super messy, and pretty much hubby only vacuums. (He did clean the bathroom the other day. The toilet wasn't done, the shower was gross, the mirror was disgusting and the floor was nasty. So apparently cleaning the counter is 'cleaning the bathroom'?? Oh ya and he can't figure out why vacuuming once every two weeks just doesn't keep the floor clean? HELLO 3 kids running around dude!) So anyway I am just on a cleaning kick and I am trying to find room for stuff. The trying to find room for stuff always makes me angry... I just hate it when crap is piled on top of crap. I am the person that opens the fridge and if it isn't in the first row it's not there! LOL... so if 'stuff' is not in the first row it will not ever be found, well I am not quite that bad but you get the idea.

I started off just being grouchy and now I have graduated to CLEAN UP the house silly!! :) Speaking of cleaning, the house pest, I mean guest is still here. I think we are pushing a month now. He tries to help out a bit but there are certain things that bug me. Sharing the one and only shower, the disgusting mess he has made of the downstairs bathroom (my brand new shiny sink is all yucky now), the fact that he eats in the bed room (I have a bug phobia and I was always taught that you shouldn't eat in your bedroom.. Weird I know..) So NOW I will have more stuff to clean when/if he ever goes. Not to mention that the spare bedroom is my OVERFLOW room when cleaning up the house. It goes there to be dealt with when I have time. He has also decided to quit smoking, yikes to our food bill. It is kind of frustrating that we have these extra expenses with the hubby and his 20% wage reduction. The other day I went to feed the kids and there was barely enough cereal and milk for all three, as he had gotten into it before I got to it. I don't mind if he eats something but make sure there is enough for the kids in the morning please. Really he's not that bad, it's just the little things some times drive me crazy. Not to mention that we have no idea when he is leaving this time. I really do feel for the guy and I hope he finds a good job so he can A)get the heck out of my house and B) support himself. Oh ya and don't sit in my freaking chair! (My computer is there as there is a plug in so don't mess with THE chair! :) ) OK I feel better now, thanks!

- not having the stones to tell my house guest to eat in the kitchen!
- my house
- snow in October
- birthdays... just another year closer to death! LOL! I have one tomorrow...
- my parents can't be bothered to see their only grandkids at Thanksgiving

-my parents are going away for thanksgiving! I don't have to see them!
-3 years ago (tomorrow) was the transfer for my last round of IVF... Baby girl and Her Twin were transferred on my Birthday. I am happy that Baby is with us (sad that her twin passed away)

Time to renovate! I want to spruce up the boys room. I am thinking NASCAR theme. Checkered Flag(black and white squares) on one wall, one Blue wall, one Purple wall, One Yellow Wall and Red Trim... That should REV things up! :) I have some cars on the walls but I really want to make their room a little more interesting. I am not sure that I will like the Checkered Flag prep but if I do a good job it should look cool! I may even paint their door red just for fun! I hate the doors in this house so I figure they will be replaced one day anyway so I might as well have fun! :) I think I am going to use Porch and Floor paint. It's a little shiny but it washes really well (not talking about the rest of the walls in my house that can't be washed as the paint marks... arg)

Besides I need some new projects! HA HA

Anyway that's all I have for tonight... good night

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At 9:47 a.m., October 09, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

I love the ideas you have for the boys' room. Can't wait to see pics.

At 11:50 a.m., October 09, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

My husband would love the Nascar theme for our son's room some day, but I will have to veto that. LOL! If you end up doing it, can you post pictures? Please?

Yay for quitting smoking!!!


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