Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#324 - Arrggg...

OK I am trying to be the bigger person here and help out hubby's friend, but really I am ready for him to leave now. I suppose I would be OK with him staying if at least he would buy some of his own food from time to time. The first week he was here he didn't eat anything... let me tell you NOW he is eating us out of house and home. I suppose the quitting smoking thing isn't helping (and man am I glad he isn't smoking right now or I would have gone batty by now. I just can't handle the smell of that stuff). I think he has just made himself a little to at home now for my liking. I feel like I am ranting like a spoiled child but really I am trying so hard to just smile and be nice... really my hubby is only working 4 days a week dude I really wasn't wanting to spend my little extra work money on filling your belly instead of putting it toward some things that desperately need to be done around here. It's been just over a month now, no work, no input into his own food intake... he does try to help out all he can... So I pray he gets one of his camp jobs very soon so that he can leave for a while. (and to think I was missing his visits! Be careful what you think of you never know what could happen)

Unfortunately kicking him out just isn't an option for us, he has no where else to go. So I really need to step up and just deal with it. Maybe some Karma points will be in my favour some day? Although I suppose grumping about it will reduce the value of the Karma points! :)

I just wish I had the nerve to tell him to eat in the Kitchen NOT in the bedroom! Our basement stairs are sticky from pop and schtuff that has been dripped on the floor... great more floor cleaning to do. So help me out here... I need some of the strength of you blogger wonder gurls to help me get through this! :) (Oh yes and wish the dude some luck to get a job!)

- house guests that seem like they are never going to leave
- winter weather in the fall
- psoriasis out breaks YUCK
- mornings (still you think I would be over this by now?) :)

- getting some stuff cleaned up around here
- planning the paint I am going to purchase for the boys room tomorrow! I am going to start with one wall (the black and white checkered flag wall... then go from there. I figured get the hardest one done first then the rest will go much easier! I can't wait to get started
- getting organized to scrapbook on Saturday

Well the kids weren't quite as crabby today after their late night Sunday night. They are finally getting back to normal crabby instead of extra crabby! :)

I have been working with the kids to put away a toy when they decided to move onto a new one. (When all three get going we are talking MAJOR CHAOS in the matter of minutes!) It's finally working with Boy1, now I just have to get the other two to get on board. Boy2 has been really bad a cleaning up in general lately so I imagine it will be a bit of a challenge to get him going on this one. Baby just yells NO to everything and takes off! (She is a smart one that one!)

Tonight before bed Hubby was laying on the floor while I read them a book. Then Baby decided that she wanted a Horsey ride. She was trying to get the hubbs to get up on his hands and knees so she could go for a ride. Before we knew it both boys were on Dad... his poor back. Then Baby decided mom could give her a ride. She fell right off, and was laughing away. Then somehow I ended up with Boy2 grabbing on to my shirt and digging his knuckles into my back (that wasn't the fun part! :) ) and Baby holding on to him. She was holding on to him around his arms instead of under them, it looked so funny. (We have mirrored closet doors in the kids rooms... Mirrored doors suck with small children in case you are wondering! :) ) When I was 'done' hubby had to come and rescue me from the kiddos on my back, the knuckle digging was not making the ride enjoyable. Then I proceeded to lay down on the floor. Baby decided she wanted me to sit up so she grabs my arm and starts pulling... Exclaiming "Mom HEAVY" (Thanks dear). She then wanted to 'jump high'. So I had to toss her up in the air and catch her. I think I completed my work out tonight! We were all laughing so hard it was a moment in time that I would like to freeze forever...

And now I am back to sorting through photos... I need to print them so I can scrapbook this weekend! :)

Good Night

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