Wednesday, October 14, 2009

#325 - Wednesday Already?

I really don't know where time goes these days? I sure wish I could slow it down a bit though!

Today I was off to the Dr. for a prescription refill. So I decided to ask about the H1N1 flu shot. She said I should definitely have my 4 year olds immunized. There has been so many things out there about this flu shot that I am really not sure what to think. So after talking to her (she is an expert right?) I figured that I should probably take the boys in for the shot. Then tonight I was at the twins club meeting and one of the girls checked out the ingredients.... one was thought to cause MS in lab rats and another was linked to some other horrible thing that I can't remember. So really how tested are these things? I thought most drugs had to go through years of testing and trials. I just don't know what to do? My kids could die from H1N1 or they could get sick or who knows what down the road from the immunization? I want to protect them from getting sick but I just don't know what is the best option. It seems like there are so many differing opinions what does one believe? I am terrified of making the wrong decision and I don't know how to make an informed decision anymore... who does one listen to?

House Pest Update
I was all excited I thought the house pest was going to the city today and leaving for a while (hopefully forever). He was wondering when I was going into the city. Well with the snow I wasn't going into the city. (I think there is 2 inches of the nasty white stuff on our drive way tonight... I want fall BACK!) Anyway back to the house pest, apparently he just wanted a ride to the bottle depot. I am not sure where, but he collected a bag of bottles. (I don't know what he needs money for, not like he buys ANY of his own food). So unhappily I report he is still here and we still don't know when he is leaving... if ever? Here is the kicker.... today I was sitting with the kids and he arrives upstairs with his shower stuff. He brings out a bottle of my Lavender body wash I had stored in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom downstairs (I have no room to store my extras anywhere else in this house). He says I ran out can I borrow yours. I was actually speechless (that doesn't happen very often, trust me!). I wanted to yell "Stay the Heck OUT OF MY STUFF". Instead, I said, Oh that's my favorite. He said OH, well I have some in my bag but it's in the garage (yes on top of taking over part of my basement he has 4 or 5 other duffel bags of his shit in our garage). So I gave him the key to get his own out in the garage. I think he is just a little to comfortable here? NO BUDDY what's mine is not yours... sorry!

First he wakes me up before 7am rummaging through the kitchen for who knows what, since he ate with us this morning? Then he GOES THROUGH MY STUFF. Are you frigging kidding me?

So my husband and I have resorted to texting each other to bitch! So sad. (I have a habit of saying the wrong things when someone can hear so I haven't really said much). I didn't realize my hubby was as pissed off as he was. He doesn't understand why he isn't looking EVERYWHERE for a job. Not just through his union, which doesn't seem to be helping him out at all anyway. Not to mention that he has to have a camp job as he has no where to live and he doesn't have any wheels so it has to be close to somewhere too.

You would think by this point he would have the sense to get out of our house? I guess we have to be crabbier or something. Granted he wants to help out, but helping doesn't do anything for the food budget dude... go buy what you need, you don't have to share with us, at least feed yourself.

To think I thought he was going to be here for the weekend... that was over a month ago!

Man I love those little buggers! Makes me glad I fought so hard and keep trying IVF until we got lucky! I had no idea that life could be this good. It is so going to suck when they go to school I am going to miss their little smiling/grumping/whining/complaining/cute little faces! They will be with their teacher more than me... how sad! Seriously where did the time go?

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At 4:38 a.m., October 15, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Is the house pest a friend of your husband's? I am seriously impressed with y'all's generosity because I think I would have asked him to leave long ago.


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