Thursday, April 08, 2010

Really Now... must you?

Mother Nature is b*tchy tonight! Nasty snow storm is a whirling around here! Seriously we could use about a month of rain to catch up from the last 3 years of dry weather so I guess I will take it however I can get it! The wind could get lost though! It was an interesting drive home tonight, bad visibility but at least the roads weren't icy!

Today was a cleaning up kind of day:
1) What is it with Men? Either he shoves crap where it doesn't belong or just leaves in a pile somewhere and doesn't put it away. Today I found out the Pile thing is somewhat better as the crap he stuffed caused me a whole lot more work. I get so annoyed when stuff isn't kept organized... we are so crammed in this house there is NO room for organization. He put a bunch of junk in my storage room that is for the garage sale and left the storage room crap out in the laundry room. WTF is up with that? Grrrrr!
2) I cleaned out baby's closet awhile ago so I decided I should put some of the stuff into an upcoming garage sale. Why is it that small bits of fabric that are sewn into clothing for small beings make me CRY! Blasted infertility, blasted frozen embryo's, blasted old age....

Needless to say I never finished what I was doing and went upstairs and fed the kids... at least I started anyway! :)

How do you make a 4 year-old stop screaming?
1) Threaten to take his lego away? NOPE gets louder
2) Take his bike away? Ooooo bad choice
3) Plead with him to be quiet so that he doesn't wake his sister (aka The Beast.. not much of a morning kid)? Nahh doesn't work
4) Yell at him to stop? Oh crap isn't that what we were trying to stop in the first place
5) Look at him with a stern look? As if!
6) Give up and ignore him? I guess he was 'done'

Some days if it wasn't for Treehouse I think I would go crazy!

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