Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Where have I been?

Well let me tell you it has been super crazy in my life these days! :) I am sure most can relate! :)

I just finished installing a Point of Sale system for a client and training all the users. After some data load issues late on the 31st I managed to get them all fixed up in time to go 'live' on the 1st of April (Ha ha April 1st, what a day to start a new system!) It went very well though and I am just finishing up some clean-up tasks! I am looking forward to a few days to hang with the family instead of working. It seems like that has been what I have been doing from dusk to dawn and back again the last few weeks! Now I have to get ready to teach again next week! No rest for the Wicked! (I must be some wicked!)

I must admit I did have a lot of fun... the 1 or 2 am mornings really sucked but other than that it was all good. No one really understands what I accomplished in such a short time as they aren't 'computer folk' so I just had to give myself a pat on the back! (Either that or I just call myself as I have a new ring tone on my Cell Phone... it goes something like this... Can you hear me ringing? I am your cell phone and I love you! HA HA)

Easter was a little laid back around here and I enjoyed the quiet! Hope everyone had a good Easter!

I am thankful this Easter as my cousin is home safe and sound, 15 weeks pregnant, after a ruptured appendix. Her baby is doing great and she is out of the woods for the time being. Phew!

This was the conversation today.
Boy1: Baby you have a booger in your nose
Baby: Nooo I don't
Boy1: Yes you do
Baby: Noo
Boy1: Yes it's up in there
Baby: Ohhh?
Boy1: You need to get it out
Baby: (with Kleenex, tries to blow it out)
Boy1: NO NO you need to dig it out!
Baby: It's Gone
Boy1: NO it's not it's up there, you dig it out
Baby: No it's not
Boy1: Yes DIG way up there (mom grossed out by now)
Baby: No it's not
Boy1: Do you want my help (mom really grossed out now)
Baby: No baby do it!
Boy1: Oh... it is gone
Baby: I knoooow!
Boy1: Let me check again?
Baby: Nooo
Boy1: Oh wait, yes it's gone
Baby: I KNOW!!!

I am back... my next job is to catch up!

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At 6:00 a.m., April 07, 2010, Anonymous sky girl said...

Welcome back!

At 7:15 a.m., April 07, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

LMAO at that conversation between the munchkins. Congrats on finishing that big project.


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