Thursday, April 15, 2010

#386-You know what they say about the one bad apple?

Well I finished another class. I am beat and I am glad it is over! There is just this one thing.... Every class you get student reviews and most of the time there are no comments and all the instructor related stuff is rated as great or 'really' great (I like those ones). Well this time there was one comment and it's really sticking to my ribs. It's silly as there really wasn't anything bad said about my teaching or what I do but this one really got to me? I am paraphrasing here... "Instructor shares too much personal information I don't want to know her personal business".

So now I am racking my brain to figure out what the heck that person was talking about? Why? Because A) I don't really have time to 'share' B) I pretty much keep my mouth shut about personal stuff. I may try to interject the odd time with a little humor (cause it's got to get boring some times listening to me! :) ). But my personal life it pretty much off limits. I was entering some data in a table with Movie and TV characters and I made a snide remark that Tree House is on so much I think I am starting to get a crush on the Wiggles. A bunch of people laughed so apparently someone thought it was funny! :) I don't talk about my kids, unless someone comes up to me at a break and asks about them. (My old infertility days kind of keeps that one off limits for me. I know if I was still suffering I wouldn't want to go to a class and listen to someone talk about their twins!).

Originally I thought it may be about the fact that sometimes I will mention that I don't use some of the features I am reviewing and give them reasons why not and why. I also talk about places where I may use some of the features in the real world but I don't share any details it's all very high level.

I just thought it was very strange about my personal business... I do talk about my love of technology (but it is a technology related class?) I suppose this one will bug me for a while as I don't really get what I did to set this person off? I suppose that it's not a big deal since it was one comment and this person didn't dislike the class and marked off the Agree to the Treated the student with respect box.

I am so careful what I say because everything has to be so politically correct these days... sheesh at Christmas time I am even careful to NOT wish the class a Merry Christmas. (I do tend to stick my foot in my mouth from time to time but I don't think I did today?)

Aren't you supposed to tell a little about yourself anyway so that the students get to know you a bit and feel comfortable?

Now why am I letting this one little teeny weeny comment bother me... time to move on... there will be more comments! Why can't everyone just play nice. Really how is that constructive if you really don't get what the issue was?

It's funny a few years ago it became my personal mission to pass on positive feedback... now I see why I am doing a good thing! I have written letters to companies to say nice things about people. I have passed glowing comments on a job well done to folks bosses and I am really so glad I do that. It seems that the nit picky people will complain just because and the happy people just go on their merry way!

So go out and say GOOD JOB to someone's boss next time you are thrilled with the service you receive! It will make someones day a little brighter! :) (I also believe that constructive feedback can be very helpful. If it is relevant and not presented in a hurtful manner!

OK I think I am good now... off to bed I go!

What the heck has happened to my hubby? I got home from work and he was letting the kids play in my car? Personally I am thinking that is not a great idea. Door Open/Close can lead to fingers getting squished (I know that hurts, my Mother slammed the door on my Finger once. Of course she didn't believe me so a) she wouldn't open the door and b) she made me go to school anyway. I had to mange to get the door open myself and I got in trouble for that too...) Not to mention I wouldn't want them getting a hold of keys and 'playing' in the vehicle. Mr. Strict and Anal about the Cars has lost his mind I think.

The kids have been so grumpy in the evenings lately all that fresh air is making them nice and tired! I think the little one still needs a nap... but good luck with that one!

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