Wednesday, November 05, 2008

#93 - Will I ever get to bed before Midnight?

Well I started into cleaning/organizing baby's room.  (I am not quite done the kitchen, so I am sure hubby is happy!)    It was Rhymes and Story times day so I didn't get to do to much until the afternoon.  Then there is the whole baby nap time thing too!  I had to clean out clothes that don't fit and get some of the bigger ones out.  I think it's time for a garage sale!  I just wish I didn't have to sell everything, I so want to try for another.  Hubby is so not getting on that bus though.

Speaking of garage sales.  I have a collection of stuff in the non-working bathroom downstairs,  I went down to reorganize it tonight (to get more stuff in).  Guess what, there was a leak and there are boxes and stuff that is ruined.  NICE, I am sure the fat arce-hole that lived here knew about it.  We just noticed that you can see stains on the ceiling in the bathroom, guess the inspection company missed that too!  Where I am going to put my garage sale stuff I have NO effing clue.  I HATE THIS HOUSE!  (Oh ya and I called my mom, she thought it was funny.  Are you kidding me?)

As far as the septic issues, the guy was supposed to call me back yesterday, and he still hasn't.   What a freaking nightmare!  I need a vacation from my life!  LOL

- LIARS that sell houses
- my satellite system, I can't freaking change the channel half the time
- dirty venetian blinds and not enough money to get rid of them
- lack of cash
- moodiness

- Hugs
- Bedtime, and the peace that comes after it
- My new laptop (that I can't afford! LOL)

Boy1 called hubby by his name today?  Weird! 

Boy2 was busy helping mom with cleaning Baby's room.  He likes to help, Boy1 goes off and plays until he thinks he is missing something.   Both of the boys got into a bucket of hangers I had lying around, they hung them all on the bottom rail of Baby's crib.  Kept them busy for about a half hour... weird kids!  At least they were having fun!

Baby is off in her own little play land then when she wants up she comes and tells you, and when she wants something she wants it RIGHT now.  She had her glow pooh and couldn't quite get it to turn on so she was in the crib saying "help please".  I can't believe how much quicker she is picking up language compared to her brothers.  (I thought she would walk quicker too, but no suck luck. Thank goodness)

Tomorrow I am hoping to get baby's room cleaned up then I can move on to the mess in the basement.  I have to work tomorrow night so I better not work to hard or I will be too tired!

Good night


At 8:52 a.m., November 06, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am so sorry your house is a money pit, what a shame, you are busy enough.
There must be something in the air, I am on a cleaning and organization mission in my house too.


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