Saturday, November 15, 2008

#95 - What was I on a blogging break or something?

I keep trying to get to my computer to blog, but by the time I get here I am exhausted!  I have been super busy with the kids and trying to get my house cleaned out.  I am still procrastinating on starting the course write-ups that I need to get done!  Although I have started a course on instructing adult learners so I am really happy that I waited as I am sure I will learn something that I will be able to use to make my documents even better than they would have been!

Needless to say I am already exhausted and I have just started my course today.  I am busy today and tomorrow then the next 2 Saturdays.  Of course I work the following Sundays after my course! :)  Then after I am all done the first one the following weekend I take the 2nd level!  2 weeks later it's Christmas (now you know why I have my Christmas shopping done already!)

News of the week, the installer didn't get the septic tank in yet, but, it's supposed to happen next Tuesday.  I of course am not holding my breath.  We will probably get a cold snap or something that will mess that all up!  Either way I am looking so forward to the mud hole that I will have in the spring *insert sarcasm here*

Well this is a short one as I am still feeling like I am coming down with something and I have to be somewhat coherent for tomorrow!  Not to mention that I am enjoying the course (surprise to me! :) ) so I want to be able to absorb!

So this past week I have managed to clean-out and organize the upstairs of my entire house and have started in the basement!  I cleaned everything too!  I love a sparkly house!  I have even done some work in the basement! YEY!  I can almost stand living here now (remember I said almost!  I am still waiting to win the lotto).  I also managed get most of my files organized on my new computer, which I love, and I have received peeked at my Mastercard bill,  I am happy to report that my heart is in good shape or I would have had a heart attack.  That little trip to visit the inlaws and the new computer that I needed and some essentials sure added up quickly, not to mention the pending bill to fix the septic system.  So I guess that means I am heart healthy too.

Speaking of hearts we found out the FIL is getting his 'stent' done next Wednesday.  I pray all goes well for my hubby and family's sake, not to mention the FIL.  If all goes well they will come out to visit next summer.  (I like them much better when I have the remote control and I am on my turf, much more comfortable for moi!)

- warm/cold/warm/cold - just get cold already, it's easier on the road conditions (but wait till after my new septic tank is installed.)  *i know I ask for a lot don't I*
- getting up in the morning, earlier than usual
- setting my alarm one hour to early as I forgot to set my clock after time change (i guess that means that I tick me off! :) )
- not enough hours in the day
- sore throats
- not enough time to blog... arg!

- finding out my friends 3 year old can skip chemo!  YEY
- my new MAC (now I only have to go to the 'dark side' for my teaching stuff and for my contract work)
- coming home to my kids after a long day
- learning something new.  I forgot how much I liked that


I will leave you with this...

Happiness is... dancing in the living room with my kids and hubby for no particular reason.

I really think that my infertility (or my old age!) has given me something that I may have missed out on.... just enjoy them (my family) and be thankful for them being there.  I am not sure that I would have appreciated these moments as much as I do without longing for them for so long?????

Good night   


At 2:15 a.m., November 16, 2008, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

I, too, hate not having enough time to blog.

Dancing for no reason...that has to be happiness, no doubt about it.


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