Monday, November 03, 2008

#91 - Some good news

Heard from my friend today.  The bone marrow test showed that the cancer is not through her daughters system, so now we are just praying that it is self contained.  They are still waiting for those results.  Children should never get sick or have to go through things like this.

As for my day, compared to my friends last few I really shouldn't complain, but I will.  I am having a heck of a time with stress.  We had another guy come in and give us an estimate on our septic tank and this time it's $14,000.  It's more than double what the last guy quoted, but now the last guy has backed out due to the fact we have effing gas lines in the way.  So now I am trying to find someone else to do it before the ground freezes here. 

Along with that I have taken on way more than I can handle work wise.  We have also owned this horrid house for a year and we still have so much to do.  I am in this place all day so it drives me crazy that I can't get anything done.  It's been an effing year and I still can't get into my spare room.  We have crap from my husbands friend down there, and everytime he comes over the kids toys get moved all over and I have to move them back.  (A note on the husbands friend,  he needed his broken car moved to the dealership to get fixed. It would take hubby a whole day, and for the first time EVER hubby said No to him... holly crap, I didn't think hubbs had the nads!)

I wish it didn't drive me crazy but I have so much Chaos with the kids toys all day that I like the rest of the house to be somewhat in order.  This house is so much smaller than our other one that we still have to get better organized, but I hate to ignore the kids all the time to clean up the house.  I just wish I could get it organized and everything put away so that when I have a mess I can clean it up and have some where to put it. 

Then there is my scrapbooking, I so want to get the kids books up to date.

Well today I decided to tackle one room at a time upstairs, then move down to the basement.  I usually start with the kids rooms and then the living room never gets done, so I pulled everything apart and dusted and washed the floors.  I found places for the toys that were bigger and hanging around in the kids rooms so that I could make the room look a little less kiddy when they go to bed.  I still have tonnes of toys for them but they are in the two shelfs and storage unit I have for them.  It feels good to have one room cleaned up, I guess I will keep going tomorrow, try one more.

I keep trying to take things one at a time and prioritize but it just seems like there is never enough time and that I just can't seem to get it all done.  I wish I was better at ignoring the things that stress me out, and just enjoy the good stuff.

- dust
- disorganization
- not enough room for all my sh*t and not being able to 'let go' of stuff

- hugs from the boys when I am sad
- baby saying HI HI HI HI really fast when she walks (assisted)
- actually getting one room cleaned up (and it only took one day)
- a good nap

I was pretty upset today so Boy2 gave me a big hug, then he brought me his brother's blanket and Teddy.  (I thought it was pretty funny that he brought me the bro's stuff)

The kiddos were all dancing to Dad's harmonica playing tonight.  Boy1 is so NOT coordinated, Boy2 should take step dancing lessons as he moves his legs and his head doesn't move and then there is Baby.  Baby was sitting on the floor wiggling from the butt up.  I went and got her and had her standing up so she could 'dance'.  She was just laughing away with the boys.  Then back to the floor to see dad.  I was busy cleaning some stuff up so she came back and grabbed my hands to stand up again and dance.  The kids do love their music, hopefully they take after dad and not mom in that department.  I am partially tone deaf, it sucks! :)

The kids are still really challenging since we got back home.  I am hoping it's a short adjustment period and not a new PHASE that they are going through.  It has been very challenging for me since we got back, I hope it gets easier soon.


At 12:11 a.m., November 04, 2008, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

I, too, hate being disorganized and let it bother me.

Seeing all the kiddos dancing and having fun was probably a great way to end the night.

At 8:41 a.m., November 04, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I'm glad the neuroblastoma hasn't spread into the little girl's system. You are so right, no parent should go through this or child either.
I am in the process of cleaning up, it's quite a chore, one room at a time too.
Here's hoping your stress goes away soon.

At 12:52 p.m., November 04, 2008, Anonymous andbabybmakesthree said...

I hope things become easier soon!


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