Thursday, November 20, 2008

#97 - Ahh days you dream about!

Well today was a wonderful day.  The kids were so awesome it was just such a nice day.  We all had fun (except the part where Baby barfed on me). 

We finally are all finished with the septic install!  They had some issues with electrical, but they came back today and got it all resolved.  So now we just have to get some water running into the system before it freezes up here. Speaking of frosty, man is it cold, 10 degrees below zero and a nasty wind to go with it!

I am still fighting off a cold, the sore throat is back again, I just wish it would go away!

Next up, getting ready for my presentation on Saturday in the course I am taking.  Some how I have to try to find some time to get the courses written up for the classes I will be teaching in the new year.  There just is not enough hours in my day!

- sore throats
- sucking at potty training
- disorganization
- not getting the pay cheque I used to, when there are big expenses to pay

- being home with my kids
- a good day at home
- getting stuff cleaned-up
- my PVR

Ya no mother of the year awards here!  Baby fell off our bed today, she was fine, but I feel like crap!  That's what happens when you turn around to do something with one of the others.    I am just so thankful she wasn't hurt.   I heard a thud, my heart stopped as I knew what happened.  She was just sitting there crying.  I think she landed on her bum.  She stopped pretty quickly after I picked her up so I figured she was ok.  I looked her over before I picked her up, and I did breath a sigh of relieve when I knew she was ok.

One of the boys is trying the potty training thing so I decided to go with it.  He only goes to sit on the Potty after he has done his 'business', so hopefully he will figure it out soon and go to the potty before he fills up the pull-up.   Man we went through a lot of pull-ups today! Hope that doesn't continue or I may have to get a 4th job! :)  So wish me luck with the potty and Boy2 tomorrow!

I better get to sleep and hopefully get rid of this sore throat!


At 7:31 a.m., November 21, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Good luck potty training, sounds like you off to a good start. My boys fell off the bed, I know I felt worse than they did.

At 12:15 p.m., November 21, 2008, Anonymous Angie said...

Wow, potty training! Good luck and feel better!


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