Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#96 - It's just to busy for me!

Well this has been a week so far, and it's only Tuesday!

I was on a training course all weekend and the came today to start installing our septic tank (usually it takes less than a day to install, but not for us!  No water from 8:30 am until 6:00pm and more importantly no flushing! YIKES)  Well hopefully tomorrow it will be all done.  Time will tell.  The guy running the backhoe was quite amazing to watch, so much for getting anything done today!  Lets just put it this way I think he excels at his job.  The truck driver that works with them said one day he was waiting and he must have been bored so he was stacking bricks with the backhoe.  Not to bad I would say?  I am always fascinated by other people's jobs, it was very interesting to see how they work and what they have to do.  I was also amazed by how small the main line for natural gas is.  I figured the one coming into the house would be much bigger, especially given the cost of that stuff!

The training course was interesting.  He was supposed to get through modules 1 and part of 2 on Saturday.  He didn't finish Module 1 until lunch on Sunday, then we had to rush through 2 and 3.  He skipped so much and didn't review any of the exercises so I am more confused than ever.  We have to do a presentation this coming Saturday based on modules 2 and 3.  Sheesh!  Oh well I will do what I can, speaking of which I should be working on that now as I have to work Thursday and I am out on Friday night.  At least I know what they are evaluating on so I will work my way backwards!  Just what I need more freaking work, and I paid over $400 out of my own pocket for this course too!  GAAAA! I need to win the lotto!

I am in the process of getting sick too.  Great, I have so much to do to get the courses written up and I have to teach another one in December.  Oh well maybe I will get this cold over with and be good for a while!

- stupid people
- real estate contracts (as far as I am concerned they aren't worth the paper they are written on, if you are allowed to get away with what the dude who sold this house did)
- colds
- courses that you pay for that the instructor kind of sucks!
- having to get up early for courses that suck, on a weekend
- a big credit card bill
- having no exhaust on my truck

- a good contractor
- sleep (hopefully I will get some now)
- my MAC
- finally being able to use the bathroom!

The kiddos were amazing today.  I never thought they would watch the 'digger' out in the yard all day, but they did!  We even had a dump truck and a flat bed truck make an appearance.  They all thought it was pretty cool. (So did mom and dad)

I figured that they were so good all day that they would be rotten this evening, but they were perfect little angels... ok who stole my kids and left me these ones?  Actually I think I will keep these ones! :)  I am sure I will pay later this week!  Tomorrow should be good though as they will be back to finish with the tank.

I love the boys current word for Zipper, it's still kind of Lipper,  I will enjoy when I can as they are getting better at saying zipper.  Baby seems to get most words out correctly the first time.  The boys will say something then all of a sudden she will just come out with it clear as day.  Like she has been practicing in for months without us knowing or something.  Maybe that's what she does at night when we are sleeping?

She has also found a chair that is low enough that she can climb up on.  She is so pleased with herself when she does that it is quite funny!  She has become quite the theif lately.  If the boys move away from a toy, she does a grab and scoot, and she goes as fast as her little butt and leg will take her!

And I am off for the night!  Good night!


At 8:36 a.m., November 19, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Thanks for the update! Have a great week.


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