Sunday, February 28, 2010

#379 - Hanging in there...

Well the cold is back full force in this house... I am very irritated. Hopefully the vitamins and what not else will help! I think I have been healthy 2 weeks of this year so far. Lets hope that trend doesn't continue!

I didn't even have enough energy to do much scrapbooking this week. :( How sad is that. We won't even talk about the neglected house cleaning. YUCK this place is in need of a good clean and sanitize apparently!

I have the next two weekends off work so hopefully that will help. I tried to dump my shift on Saturday and that never happened. Well at least I managed to get rid of half of it (no comment). I was also a little miffed that one of our other staff called in on Friday and they managed to cover her shifts?? (And she doesn't have anyone that wakes her up 100 times a night! Ugg!)

So what about those Olympics? I am so proud of our Canadian athletes what a great show. Sorry US friends Yey hockey team! I am not sure about parts of the closing ceremony though? Kind of weird. I guess someone thought some of it was funny! I liked Captain Kirk but the Comedian that followed was Baaaaad! Seriously though who doesn't love a blow up beaver??? :)

Kiddo Notes
Boy 1 = sick and grumpy
Boy 2 = sick (not grumpy... yet)
Baby = sick and grumpy (hmm not sure that she is any grumpier than usual?)

Boy 2 was quite the peace maker today. He doesn't want anyone to be mad at anyone in the house. He will give whoever is bad his toys to try to get them to behave. Then he tells Mom that it's OK everyone is good! :) Bless is little heart!

Oh well our stinking fridge died... what a PITA! We were going to put it in our kitchen. Well it was in our Kitchen for a while. We measured the Height and Width, but didn't figure that the depth would have changed. Well it was 4 inches deeper than the one we had in the kitchen. Well it was a nice though. So hubby now had to move it down to the basement, where the one that died was. It was about a 4 hour job. NASTY. So the part I was getting to...
New Fridge = $ we don't have
New Box and a bucket of crayons for the kids = priceless! :)

Off to bed I go!

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At 11:41 a.m., March 01, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

Wow, that stinks that the fridge died.

Hope everyone gets healthy soon.


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