Friday, February 12, 2010

#378 - Where did this week go?

Sometimes I just wonder what the heck happened to all the time? I have no idea where the last couple of weeks went? Poof and they are GONE!

I am not sure if I am getting another cold or if I am just loosing my voice after talking so much during my last class?? I have started coughing at night so that kind of sucks. I just don't want another cold, it seems like there is a nasty one going around that's for sure.

Well I guess today was the start of the Winter (/summer weather) Olympics. I am looking forward to watching some of the events. It's sad to hear that one of the luge athletes was killed during a practice run. How awful.

I did miss the opening ceremonies since I was at work. I am a little miffed that a hockey player that hasn't lived in Canada for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS lit the flame. Yes we was an awesome Hockey Player, but his kids weren't even born in this country, he doesn't live here. Oh well at least his family still lives in Canada. I just think they should have chosen someone who at least spends most of the time in the country??? But that's just my opinion.

I suppose I should be off to bed. Hubby is off to cut more firewood and I still feel kind of crappy so I better get some sleep.

We finally figured out what the issue is with Baby. Today she said she needed something for her "Space Ship". Hmmm maybe if she returns to her "home planet" they will give her some de-grumping pills? LOL

The kids did fairly well considering I dumped myself on the couch today and laid down for most of the day. I was feeling so crappy. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day!

My parents are coming over to see the kids tomorrow. They want to give them their valentine gifts. (The crazy mother situation has actually been really good since my big time 'talk' with my Dad before Christmas. I guess they know how I feel now and that I am not taking any sh*t. For the first time since I was very young I feel as though a weight has been lifted. I am very cautious though as I am HOPING things do not go back to the way they were before as that is typically what happens with her. Oh well I plan on enjoying a half *ss relationship with my parents while it lasts. I actually have a relationship with my father now, I have never had that before, it's kind of weird. My mother has actually been showing up to look after the kids when I teach too, even when she had a cold one day??? Maybe she was hit by lightening??? Whatever as long as it lasts for a while!!!)

Off to bed I go... good night!



At 6:00 a.m., February 13, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

I'm so glad to hear your mom has been getting with the program.

Also, I really hope you feel better soon.

I'll get back to you soon on the afghan pattern. Remind me if you don't get the link in a week.

At 6:01 p.m., February 17, 2010, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am enjoying the Olympics and all my Canadian friends are annoyed with the choice of Wayne Gretzy. I caught your cold, bummer.


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