Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cold go away!

Today was a teaching day! Not so bad if I would have at least gotten an hour of sleep last night! Man do we have sleep issues around here!

Well I only stuck my foot in my mouth once today. Hope no one noticed! Then it seemed evertime I did something I would break it or it wouldn't work the way I was expecting! Here is to more sleep tonight and a better day tomorrow. I starte coughing and have a sore throat again so I am hoping that I do not hit 5 weeks with this miserable thing!

Kiddo notes

Boy2 kept us up most of he night, he is busy with the sleep talking/walking. Almost every 20 minutes until 5 am he was going! If he wasn't my husband was snoring, he has a cold and normally doesn't snore but he was making up for it last night!

Great I can hear boy2 going again already and I think the hubby is working on a Forrest of logs! I think I must knock myself out tonight! Where is that baseball bat anyway? Jk!

Ah yes Mom was here today. She has actually been pretty good of late, scarry! But it lead to a bitchy Baby this evening as she had everyone up early! We still need to teach Grandma to use her inside voice. She just refuses to get the kids to tone it down or herself for that matter! Oh well at least she showed up today.

Off to bed I go, right after I kick my hubby! Oh it's going to be a looong night!


At 8:30 a.m., February 04, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

Hope you got some sleep.


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