Friday, February 29, 2008

No water and a sore arm, how exciting hey?

It's official we have no running water until Sunday, I have buckets and buckets and a tub full. Hopefully it will last! Boy are we going to be stinky by Sunday! :) I think I may contract myself out as a water and septic information source after all this. I know way more than I ever wanted to know about all things water & toilet! We have a well on our acreage and since we are getting new water treatment equipment next week it was determined that we should probably get the well shocked before we do that. (We pretty much figured that the folks that lived here before probably didn't get it done anytime in the near past so we had to get it done) So they basically dumped a tank of water mixed with chlorine into the well and we let it sit until Sunday, then we get to drain it all out. What an exciting life we lead!

I am thinking I may have tennis elbow... it just keeps getting worse and I am sure all the lifting and diaper changing doesn't help? If anyone has any assvice please feel free!


Today was interesting. Well I got up this am, feeling like crap! (That means I actually got some sleep, go figure?) I had to go to town to today, I fed the kids, got them dressed, changed T2 twice before we left the house (STINKY!). I talked to the hubby before we left and we discussed the fact that the stroller was in the truck. It's heavy so I decided I would go out since it was in the truck (back to the sore arm thing!). I loaded up the munchkins and off we went (got up at 8:30am and it was 10:00am before we got out of the house... yikes). I got to the mall, went to open the canopy and guess what... NO stroller. So I phoned hubby, we had a laugh because you can actually see the thing in the rear view mirror as it doesn't fold up, and I didn't notice it wasn't there. So off to Walmart I went instead... 3 kids in a cart is interesting! I think it was snobby mommy day at Walmart today, smile for goodness sakes your face won't crack! (Well maybe it will! :)) I was loading up the cart (with T1 and T2) with baby food and other misc stuff I needed. Well I forgot that T2 gets a little attached to things... I started to empty the cart and someone started to get upset. Unlike my usual self I actually came up with a good idea... OK T2 help mom unload the cart. Problem solved... YAY!

I was supposed to go out and get a b-day gift at the mall but I never did make it. When we got home it was so nice I let the kids run around for a while. I went to open the back door and I heard this screaming. I had to turn the house alarm off first so the company wouldn't be calling me, poor fella had to wait a few extra seconds. Well T1 must have been running through a half frozen puddle and down he went. Instead of getting up he just stayed there and screamed, he didn't want to get his hands dirty. Well the puddle is almost dry now as he was wearing a fleece, man those can suck up some water! Poor guy but I sure wish I would have had a camera.

Little Missy was up to the usual today, smiling, eating, yelling for toys and peeing every time I take the dirty diaper away. Man does she go through a lot of clothes, my little pee-per! :)

And that was my day....


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