Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy busy and super forgetful...

I almost forgot to post today... I am truly loosing my mind. Today was a very busy day as we had someone in to review our water/well paraphernalia. (Yet another item our home inspector missed! Gaaaaa) Needless to say it should be interesting as he is coming tomorrow to shock the well. Which for those of us who are town-ies (and could care less about wells) means that we will be sans running water from tomorrow afternoon until Sunday. This means I have to 'save' some water to flush the toilet. GREAT! For the first time I am glad that some of us are still in diapers!

Oh and I may have a part time job for when my maternity pay runs out (I know if you don't get the year paid maternity leave you are just crying for me aren't ya!) . I am quite excited as I am thinking we are really going to need the money with all the things that need fixing around here. I told my friend today that our house is like a pig, you can put lipstick on it but it's still a pig! Well at least I still have my twisted sense of humor! (The munchkins haven't sucked it out of me yet!)


Today was a good day! (That means be afraid of tomorrow, be very afraid! :) ) T1 was busy entertaining his sister. I think she is his favorite 'toy' as she laughs at his craziness. I had to talk to our water guy today and all of a sudden baby was crying, as her favorite toy - T1 had left the room. Lets put it this way if they are very very quiet or laughing hysterically you better RUN, not at a slow pace, not quickly, but at the speed of light! Ya they were in Mom & Dad's room. All I know is when I came in they had there "innocent" faces on (never a good thing) and T2 was putting something back in Dad's night stand. At least they leave my schtuff alone! HA HA!

I have no clue what they were doing but there seemed to be no casualties so I told them to GO and I went and got 'Baby'. (Yes little Missy's name is now Baby according to the boys, the worst part is they have us calling her that too. Poor child will never know her name!) Well I got 'Baby' and changed her stinky bottom. (She has terrible diaper rash, bleeding and everything, yuck. Yes I have tried EVERYTHING) I put her down for her nap and went back to the boys, who were now on our bed. They had a bottle of lotion with the lid off! Thankfully they are anal retentive like their parents and don't like to make a mess so there was no mess. Amazing 2 - 2year olds, open bottle of lotion and no mess? There is something wrong with my kids isn't there? Well they wanted to hang out on the bed for a while. So I got to lay down for an hour and sort of rest. Did I mention boys like to jump on Dad (and since Dad was at work Mom was available, greaaaat!). They also like to play with Mom's nose. If you squeeze it Mom goes beep, how cool. I tried to play the 'lets go to sleep' game, who am I kidding!

Little Missy, aka Baby, likes to sit on the floor and hold onto the boys basket ball. If it rolls away she will SCREAM until someone gives it back. If someone steals it (T1 or 2 it's a toss up) she SCREAMS until someone gives it back. It's really quite entertaining to watch the ball roll away and then roll it back. Oh yes and Mom has a shirt that she likes play with the strings on, god forbid I take them away. I think she is going to be somewhat 'attached' to 'things'.

Baby discovered her tongue the other day. It's been hanging out a lot the last few days. It is really amazing to watch when they discover new things that are attached. I love to watch her hang it out to the side.

Sometimes I feel so stupid, I actually forgot to feed her part of her supper. I fed her dessert then started to clean up after supper. When I was cleaning up I noticed the rest of her supper on the counter. Poor kid (I actually forgot to feed her supper one night shortly after she started on solids) I guess that's why she makes a lot of chattery noises so that we don't forget about her! :) Oh yes and Mommy's girl decided to say Da da first, what is up with that? She wonders why I forget to feed her parts of her supper! :)

Anyway in the words of my boys... night night.



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