Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh look another post! I am on a roll now...

As promised in my last post I said I would update you on our possible Legal issues. As some of you know we sold our house back in September (a very nice house I might add, at least compared to the one we bought, but we are working on that!). Since we were purchasing an acreage we thought it best to get a home inspection done as we are not familiar with septic and water issues.

The day of the inspection I had a bad feeling (I guess Oprah is right about listening to our 'inner voices' :) ) . When the company was done with the inspection they sat down to go over it with us, one of the guys had a very strong smell of alcohol on his breath. GREAT!

They noted that the septic tank was in good to fair condition with some spalling. I questioned the inspector about this as I didn't really want to replace a septic tank for some time. Well he told me that was normal and not to worry about it. So I didn't.

Well we moved in Dec 8th after spending a month renovating the house. In January we got a cold snap and our septic pump stopped working. My husband did some work on it but wasn't able to get it working so we had to initiate a service call. When the gentleman arrived he opened the poopy hole, as I like to call it, his first words were "oh my". I am not going to get into a bunch of details but it means that we have to replace our 'poopy' tank (septic tank). I have had quotes anywhere from $5500 to $10000. Needless to say there are other issues that were visible with the water system as well that we need to deal with... another $5,000. There were several other issues that were minor but still things that they should have noted during the inspection.

Well I contacted our Realtor and the Inspection company. They came out. The Owner of the Inspection company looked, said they had some liability. He asked us what we wanted and my husband said 90 to 100% of the repair cost as we wouldn't have bought the house had they have done their job. He responded with 50%. He told us if we didn't like it to take him to court and we would get nothing. He would only pay 50% of what his 'friend' would do, and said he had to get back to us. He never did. He told our Realtor that my husband was to miserable to deal with so he said we could sue him. I have tried to contact him but all attempts have been ignored.

We are currently waiting on the Better Business Bureau, to see if anything happens with that. I am doubtful but we will see. They have until March 6th to contact the BBB so I guess we will wait and see.

I am not sure that we really want to sue him as our lawyer said we probably will be lucky to break even by the time we pay our legal fees. We can also look at going after the previous owner but then we have to prove that he knew that there was a massive hole in the tank where there should be a small one. We are 100% sure he knew because of some things that were 'updated' around the tank but how do you prove that? It's just more stress than I can cope with right now. In addition I am the one trying to find out all the information I can on septic tanks as my husband doesn't have 'time'. I am afraid to make any decisions right now because it seems like every decision I make these days leads us to paying money to someone. I guess it's cheaper than IVF though! <*insert sarcasm here*>

I guess my next topic Post Partum Depression...


Well today was better than yesterday. T1 and T2 were in much better moods today. Little Missy had me up for 2 hours last night. Which wouldn't be so bad if I could actually go to sleep when I go to bed. I am usually up until 2am, LM gets me up between 3 and 4 ish, then it takes me another hour to go to sleep and I am usually up again at 6 or 7. I must be starting my spring insomnia early this year?

When the kids scream I am trying to stay away from the munchies and it went well today, but the screaming was not so bad today. I am just going to try to keep away from the 'bad' stuff! I need carrots in the fridge to eat when I am stressed! :)

LM has terrible diaper rash, I was finally getting a handle on it and then bam she was busy in the poopy department! All progress was lost and her poor little bum was bleeding again. I hate to see her like this, I feel so bad that I can't seem to do anything to help. Trust me all I do is change diapers some days, I try to keep her as clean as possible.

The boys were happy today because they found some new 'toys' to play with. The curtain rods for my toppers in the Living room. I am sure Dad would not have been happy I was letting them play with them but they were quiet, happy and not hurting anything so I decided to let them be. Pick your battles right?

Out of the mouths of babes... T1 comes up to me today, points at my not so small belly and says bum. I say no it's not mom's bum it's moms belly. So what does he say then? Baby? No T1 that is not a baby. Ugg I really need to loose some weight!

So that was my day... hope you had a good one



At 9:08 a.m., February 27, 2008, Blogger sky girl said...

I'm glad that you're back to posting. If nothing else it's cheap therapy right? :)

You should turn on your option to notify weblogs. That means your blog pings the feeds that people use to tell when you've updated. It should be under your options somewhere.

At 1:03 p.m., February 27, 2008, Blogger Natalie said...

Oh shit, sorry about the septic tank issue. What an asshole of an inspector. :( I hope you can figure something out with that.


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