Monday, March 08, 2010

#381 - One down...

Well I actually got one of our tax returns filed today... 1 down 1 to go! If you live in Canada you have to check out I used Quickbooks for years (until they changed their pricing structure... ptzzzz! I now like ufile better though easier to follow! Anyway I am just glad that I just have one more to send in. It's pretty much done just waiting to see if I get any more paper work that I have forgotten about!

Yey I think my latest round of the cold is gone... stats so far since Jan 1st
2 weeks healthy
the rest sick! (and it's freaking March already! ugg)


So if you were thinking of nominating me for Mother of the year (*snicker*) I have a good reason not too! I forgot *gasp* to send my kids to preschool with their Show & Tell item. This was their day! Lucky we live really close to the building that it is in. So back into the truck with littlest kiddo to run home and get toys for the boys. Then back to preschool to drop them off (I guess I win a few brownie points for doing something anyway!) I knew it was in March I just didn't know which day. Next time that kind of info goes directly into the Calendar so I don't miss it!

Oh ya as I was getting home, the 2nd time, the furnace guy arrived. We got a new furnace back in November. It has been spewing cold air into the basement making it uninhabitable since we got it put in. Typical me, didn't call until last Friday. Well there wasn't anything they could do about it, well for 'nothing' anyway. $600 later they added an electronic *shudder* damper that opens only when the furnace is on. Sheesh. Well I did notice an improvement right away so I guess it was worth it. Now I have to go find me some more contract work to pay for it *sniff*

My girly sleeps in so I usually feed her breakfast after we drop the boys off at preschool. She sat at the table until it was almost time to go pick them up. She was busy playing with her fishy (her spoon) and it's blanket (paper napkin). She talked to that fishy for over an hour. Then she told me to be quiet when Fishy was sleeping. Well at least she has a good imagination!

I got to spend the evening building a lego house for my daughter too. She wanted a new one so I was building (or trying to build) while she was playing. It had to have a 2nd story like her brothers houses. I must say I outdid myself this time. It is a very pretty house. I do think we need more pink lego though! :) She loves the little lego people (well after she takes their hair off?). She plays with them for hours. It was cute after I was done Boy2 came to visit Baby's new house! :) Then he invited her over to his house! Boy1 was to busy to visit as he was adding an addition onto the garage of his house! LOL

I love the lego blocks, the kids never seem to get bored of them. When one thing is no fun anymore they just change it into another! (I was going to take Boy1 one of his lego car creations for show & tell today. Of course he had disassembled them this morning so I was out of luck!)

Anyway with that I am off to bed.... trying to get more sleep to fend off the preschool germs that I am sure the kids brought home today! :)

Good Night

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At 9:03 a.m., March 09, 2010, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

I was a slacker with my taxes, too. Just did them the other night.

At 11:54 a.m., March 09, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

Legos totally rock. We have a ton of them and always seem to get more.

At 9:15 p.m., March 09, 2010, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am so glad your cold is finally gone. Legos are great, just got rid of a huge box after 10 years!!
Your daughter sounds precious with her little fish and blanket. You are a wonderful Mother, of course!


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