Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#246 - So much to say...

OK so much to bitch about is really what I should have titled this post!

- Monday it snowed... hello mother nature it is SPRING here not winter? Or did I fall asleep for to long? What a lovely day for the end of a Long Weekend. This traditionally is the first major camping weekend in these parts, there was a fire ban due to the fires we have been having AND it was snowing! LOVELY!

- I am teaching today and tomorrow, so my rotten arce mother called at 8:30pm on Monday night to let me know that she won't be able to come on Tuesday because... wait for it... my DAD is sick. He has flu like symptoms so she had decided that it has to be the swine flu because she looked it up on the internet! Hmm the last time we were in Mexico I was 11 years old, that is some kind of long incubation period! (Oh and Dad isn't allowed to do anything but work and no one at work has even been sick, so I am thinking that it is probably due to the effing migrane that he had on Sunday night?

- Once again my mother cannot help out tomorrow... because my Dad is sick and she can't leave him home alone for a few hours (did I mention that my husband would be home at 11am to relieve her of her duties anyway?) The man is sick, I am thinking that he won't be out of bed until about noon anyway? She is just to effing lazy to drive out here... it is at most 20 minutes from their house. I am impressed by the fact that my mother has more excuses than I ever thought was possible, just when I thought she couldn't possibly top the last one she comes up with another one!

- My search for an actual babysitter is totally sucking right now... I need to find one before September as Grandma is useless and I would rather not see her in the morning not to mention EVER! Why the heck can't people just be happy instead of being miserable just for the sake of being miserable?

- I got an email message on my phone from my other job. The 'weekend' gals all go together and 'filled' in the weekend schedule for June. (The gal who is doing the 'fill' in scheduling SUCKS! So under the direction of one of the owners we decided to fill in and see what works for all of us. The 'fill' in scheduler has been asked several times to switch between Saturdays and Sundays. So for the last 2 months I only work Saturdays... it was starting to piss me off to say the least). Well today I checked my voice mail on my cell phone and guess what. Fill in girl said she changed it as I (it should have been 'we'... it wasn't a solo job here) miss a whole bunch of people (that would be her (who only works one Sunday a month) and one of the owners, who doesn't want to work every weekend anyway!) Needless to say I didn't talk to her I phoned the other Owner and mentioned what we had done under the direction of the other owner. She was quite happy that we had done this and said if 'fill' in girl has an issue she will straighten it out with her! I guess I am ruffling feathers and I am not even trying. It has been my experience over the years that folks that don't like to work hard dislike those who are hard workers anyway! So whatever girly, when you want to pick a fight you better pick on someone who hasn't been around the business world almost 20 years more than you have! (frig now I feel old too! :) )

- Where do you sit when you attend a class? Why is it that the most annoying people always go to the back? Never do they sit at the front (at least not in my classes). I usually sit near the front (I guess that means I am a keener?). It drives me crazy when people 'gab' when I am talking then they don't have an effing clue what we are doing. If you would shut your trap and listen MAYBE then you know what we are doing. When others are talking I usually STOP and wait until it's quiet, If they don't get a 'clue' then I ask if they have a question. Two of the gals at the back are having issues following and one of them doesn't want my help, she told me it makes her nervous. She wants help from her friend sitting beside her that doesn't have a clue what she is doing. *insert me going cross eyed!*

*this is where I let out a big sigh after getting that all out*

So to end with the GOOD STUFF!

Hubby finished the mudding(as in drywall mud), sanding, and cleaning up the storage room in the basement on Monday (two days off together in a row it was a treat!). He did this while I played with the kids... umm that is fell asleep on the couch in the same room as the kids! (I was really tired after all the outdoor work on Sunday!)

Hubby went into work really really early this morning got in 4hrs of work and was home in time for me to head off to my job. THEN he managed to get two coats of primer on the walls in the storage room (while all 3 kids played quietly for him??? I am so jealous!). I got home, he had supper started, then after supper he headed back to work so he could get in 7 or 8 hours and get home in time to have a little sleep before the kids get up in the morning. Am I lucky or what? (disclaimer, yup he still can be an acre too he ain't perfect! LOL) I really don't know how he does it. I told him not to get too tired and if he had to leave early he should do so as I don't want him driving in a fog! (I am not sure that he ever listens to me anyway!)

One more coat of paint and we will be ready to build the shelves in the storage room and start putting all the 'crap', errm, I mean stuff back in there! The shelves will probably take a while, my husband it a bit weird with the cut/measure thing, last time he made me shelves they fit perfectly in the closet. I am not even sure that he had to nail them in! :) Hubby figures the new storage room is around 100 sq feet so any extra junk that I have should be put in the garage sale I figure! (Actually most of that 'stuff' should probably be cleaned out. I am really trying to clean out and I have done pretty well so far... I just have to keep trying!) Man if someone told me 20 years ago that someday I would be excited about a storage room I would have laughed my butt off! How things change?

I also made use of some of my Holiday Monday time, when I wasn't napping that is, to do some more organizing in my scrapbooking stuff! I think I may actually have everything about where it is going to stay (for now anyway!). I had paper in so many places and I was keeping all these teeny tiny little pieces so I thought it was time to clean out! I recycled most of the tiny pieces, I filed away the bigger ones, that were actually useful, by colour in my 'bits' folders. Now all my paper is in the same place, and let me tell you do I have paper! The good thing is that I use it. I have completed close to 100 pages since the beginning of March. I am getting much better at using things up. I used to save things I liked for another day 'just in case'. Now I just use it because I have a few buckets of bits of stuff I never used because I was just saving it for who the heck knows what!

Once I am caught up to the end of December in my daughters book it is off to work on my son's books and get them caught up as well. That will probably take me a little longer. I have a bit of an organization mess to deal with as I didn't quite finish things off the way I like to before we moved in one of the Boys books so I Imagine that will be a bit of a challenge! I will let you know how that goes! :) This will probably be PROJECT DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY! Some day I will be caught up! That is my hope anyway!

My hubby thinks he is quite funny, usually when I go off to work the kids come to the window and wave. Well I leave before they get up in the morning so I look in the front window and there hubby is kneeling in the window waving! What a great way to start the day with a good old belly laugh!

So have you ever had toys go missing and wonder where the heck they went? Well hubby found out today. When I got home he had a photo on his cell phone to show me. He told me he pulled some toys out of the couch. I was kind of looking at him like he was nuts, I said "I know, I do it all the time". He said NO you don't! Then he showed me the photo. Half the couch was covered with toys. Stuff that had disappear a while ago and we couldn't find. So apparently our couch EATS toys? Hubby said that he was almost up to his shoulder pulling stuff out from under the sides of the couch! I usually just pull the cushions off and take what I can see. I so would never stick my arm way in there who knows what yucky things are lurking down there! LOL! Later that evening he told me he thought we needed to give the couch a c-section (only a man would say this!) and put a slit in the bottom as he figured there was more stuff hiding in there! Hmmph and I thought it was only the dryer that 'ate' stuff!

Good night!

(p.s. I am also excited that I didn't have to do any prep work for this course! YAY! What a nice change!)

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At 9:09 a.m., May 20, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Yeah for no prep work and your storage room. Totally jealous!! Good luck w/the childcare situation. I am glad you ruffled feathers at work, you go Girl!!


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