Thursday, January 29, 2009

#150 - Halfway to 300!

Ok so I thought the title was funny, not exactly sure why though?  OK so it's late and and I am just silly.

I have been trying to get my thoughts together for some interesting posts on IF and surviving IF but everything is in a jumble so far.  I think I am at the processing stage and possibly at the point in my life where I can finally take that deep breath and just go on.  More on all this later when I get my proverbial crap together!

Today I got another scrapbook page done!  YEY!  At this rate I may get caught up in 20 years! 

I am anxious to start playing with my new version of Adobe Photoshop that I just purchased. (educational discount, yey, shouldn't have purchased, but I did!  LOL)  Maybe I will get to do a few things yet tonight!

Well I still haven't heard from the mother!  I thought it was a good thing, but I have noticed that I tense up everytime the phone rings.  Not good, really need to let go and just take her for what she is. 

- Rain in January, come on I live in CANADA Mr Weather Maker!  Snow, freezing cold, etc. that's January.  Not rain!  The roads were horrible on the way home from work tonight, but I didn't hit anything so that is good!

- Baking with the kiddos
- Coming to some realizations about where I am with my feelings about IF (a post on this coming some day I promise!)
- Making it home safely after a bad drive (glad to know that I can still drive on nasty roads without hitting stuff)
- A happy hubby

Tonight when I went to work I got hugs and kisses from all three. Now that Baby is walking she comes to give me a hug and a kiss, then she natters away.  It is so hard to leave I just want to remember these moments forever.  Her little face smiling at me after I closed the baby gate, her little wave, saying 'goo bye'.  I could just eat her up! 

The kids all helped make some Chocolate Chip Blondie things today!  OMG they are soooo good.  (I didn't have enough butter so I used 1/2 butter and half margarine and I hate nuts so I left them out and put a few more Chocolate chips in).  OMG yummy!  Sheesh I wonder why I am fat!  LOL!  I always put the dry ingredients in a bowl each for the boys to stir and I gave a bowl to baby so she could stir too.  I think she was a little annoyed that I didn't put anything in her bowl (but she would just eat it anyway!)  I had all my igredients on the counter.  The boys stood on one side and I sat Baby on the counter.  They stirred and had a blast and I gave them all some chocolate chips when we were done.  Baby liked those!  These are the moments that I prayed for so long ago when IF was eating me alive.   I am so incredibly lucky to be living my dreams. 

We also spent some time downstairs, we always have to play downstairs too.  (Yey mom gets a bit of scrapbooking in when we are downstairs.)  Now that Baby is not napping in the morning I get a lot less done.  She needs a little more 'help' at things then the boys do.  Today she was angry that I wouldn't let her play on the stairs, I know I am such a bad mom!  Well she was screaming and screaming (great thing she learned from the brothers *sigh*) and just wouldn't shut up.  There was no way I could distract her with toys either.   I wanted to cut some letters for the page I started so I got out my cutting machine, set Baby on the table, let the boys do the cutting and wooola everyone was happy.  It's great that the boys want to help, it accomplishes two things, I spend time with them and I get to work on my scrapbook!  It slows me down when they help but what do I care everybody is happy!

Boy1 was still busy on his phone all day.  When we were done with the Blondies he had to call someone and tell them about what he just did.  It is too funny when he starts his hysterical laughing on the phone!  He is quite the character.

Today was a bit of a Challenge in the morning, who am I kidding it was nasty start to the day!  LOL.  It started with a Boy1 meltdown, then Boy2.  The baking seemed to get everyone back on track again and it gave me some one on one time (sort of) with the boys.  I always try to talk to each of the seperately when we do stuff together to give them each a sense of being a seperate person.  I suppose one day I will find out if it is working or not!

Good Night

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At 9:49 a.m., January 30, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

That is quite a balancing act trying to get the Boys and Girl happy and busy. I love baking and cooking with the children, really special. Good luck w/your IF posts, it's such an emotional rollercoaster, it means so much for you to share.

At 12:10 p.m., January 30, 2009, Anonymous Tyler said...

Those blondies look fantastic! I'd have left the nuts out, too. And you can NEVER have too much chocolate! Baking with my mom/grandmother are some of my most vivid memories and it sounds like your little ones will have a lot of fun times to look back on!


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