Monday, January 19, 2009

#139 - Monday again? Wow time flies

Time seems to be getting eaten by the clock around here... when I find out which clock it is I am getting that sucker out of this house!

Well the house guest left today.  Hubby had to drive him to his sisters.  (Hmm I wonder why he can't stay there every now and again?) It was good to have him here today as the kids are always pretty good when someone else is around.  I do need my house back, I am sure it will only be for a couple of days but I will take it.  It feels like the house guest is getting a little to comfortable here now, he must think we are made of money or something.  I suppose compared to him we are looking pretty sweet in the money department.  Sheesh after 2 full rounds of IVF and 4 frozen cycles our savings is pretty much shot.  Now that I am not working full time we really have to watch our money and having an extra full size mouth to feed is not exactly in my budget.  Ugg!   I am just hoping he gets a job this week so that I know he won't be here for a while, other wise he will be here for a minimum of 6 weeks, probably every weekend.  It is driving me crazy to feel so invaded but I just can't bring myself to kick him out as he doesn't have anywhere to go except back to the streets.   He is in a bad position and we are in a bad position.  I just keep thinking it may be driving me crazy but at least it's some kind of good deed???

The mother was being a hag again today.  She phoned and said she may try driving out (it was summer driving conditions today).  I was so mad that I didn't answer the phone.  I figured I didn't need the aggravation and I had already told them I couldn't make the meeting anyway.  I really need to get to the point that I can just ignore her.  I am going to start looking for a real babysitter soon.   It was interesting that Carrie27 said that she wasn't coming over to babysit, she was coming over to see her grand kids.  That's the thing with my mother, it's babysitting and she tells everyone how much she does for us!  That's really what drives me crazy!  Everyone that she talks to thinks she does SO much! 

Well I got a call from job 3 today.  It wasn't for more work (bummer), he just had a question. Fortunately (unfortunately for me) I did such a good job on fixing up their system that it doesn't break anymore!    So what I am doing... started working on another contract last night.  Yey more work, I seriously need the cash (gotta pay for that little fender bender I was in on the 4th).  It's a small job but hopefully it will continue to lead to more work!  I am building a small access database for someone.  I love the small projects it's always fun!  It's been a couple of years since I programmed in access so it's giving my brain a workout!  Which is good!

- parents that think they can treat their kids however they want and the kids have to put up with it
- house guests that are getting to comfortable in MY house!
- potty training/poop/pee etc!
- still mornings!

- solving a programming problem (I think it makes me feel smart!  LOL)
- making supper for hubby and him liking it and saying how good it was (I don't cook very well/often so I think it was just good because he didn't have to cook it!)
- a break from the house guest
- watching baby walk around the house

Well it was not a great potty training day here.  Boy2 will not poop in the potty so it was training pants fill up day!  I will be sooooo glad when they are all trained!

The kids were pretty good today!  Just the usual, I want the toy you have screaming match.  But other than that it was all good!  Baby is amazing to play on her own.  I just watch her some days, just to see what she is going to do.  Today she was playing with her doll house and put one chair on top of the other, in the window?  Then the beside table was on the railing for the stairs, as was the kitchen table?  She is obsessed with stairs.  I have to watch her as she climbs on anything and stands up and says 'stairs'.  Today it was the little chair in her bedroom, last night it was the large stuffed froggy in the boys room.  I guess since I don't let her play on the stairs she has to find her own!  (I remember when Boy2 was obsesessed with the stairs, it seems like so long ago now!) 

Every few days the boys want me to re-do the track on their train table, I really need to get some more pieces!  (I - ha ha)  It's driving me crazy that when you use some of the pieces that the track doesn't line up the right way, I need a conversion pack so I can build cooler tracks!  Right now they just like to run their trains/cars/dinosaurs/whatever on the tracks, so I get to do the track design.  It's so going to suck when they take over the building! LOL!  I love spending time doing this with them.  Boy1 always tries to find pieces (he can't find toys in front of him but he always seems to find pieces that I couldn't find!), Boy2 is the track tester.  He just tells me to hurry up, apparently he doesn't like dead ends!   I am so going to hate it when they go to school!  I am going to miss so much time with them.  :(  I am already dreading it!

Special times with the boys or watching baby learn to walk and talk and discover are things I could have never imagined during all the years of 'trying'.  I am so very lucky to be able to experience all of this.  I just wish it wouldn't go by so incredibly fast!

Good night! I am excited to see history unfold tomorrow in the US

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At 12:55 a.m., January 20, 2009, Anonymous Alex said...

So I'm assuming you do programming then as a career? Are you a contractor or do you work from home, or want to work from home? Just curious because my hubby's a tech and we occasionally know of people that are looking for contract programmers and also looking to hire programmers, based out of their home. You were sweet to get back to me on the glow in the dark stars, so if I could return the favor sometime I'd love to.

And wasn't it gorgeous today!!! Sadly -15's just in time for the weekend it seems.

At 3:47 a.m., January 20, 2009, Anonymous Angie said...

Walking and potty training! Wow, lots of big things in your house!

At 3:55 a.m., January 20, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

My mom and I do not have a great relationship either, and I also HATE that parents can treat their kids however they want and we have to take it. The benefit of getting older, is that we can hang up on them. LOL!


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